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  1. Here is what i can tell you. The vast majority of the ppl that love the show just shut up and enjoy the show. You don't really hear their opinion. The minority criticise it or even hate it but guess what?...you may have heard pretty much all of them and not the first bunch cuz the critic/hater group are the ones that do the most talking. So in conclusion here is what you do: forget the haters and enjoy season 6 as all the others before it because it is as good as ever with many successes and a few flaws here and there. All of the seasons were like this and i can predict that all the next seasons will be the same as long as the show continues. Also it depends on how sensitive u are about this. If i tell you that the show is amazing and only has minor flaws, on witch part of my sentence do you focus? the part where i said it's amazing or the part where i said it's flawed?. You have to also be honest with yourself and recognize if there is genuine bad to be addressed. In MLP there is not much bad really but a few bronies maybe exaggerated and focused on that too much and maybe you focused on them as well. Change you perspective to fit reality as much as possible and you will find yourself very satisfied with the result. Enjoy MLP because it's still awesome
  2. EviLKitten

    Lack on interest on the rest of season 6

    There were a lot of amazing episodes in season 6 and a few meh ones. All the seasons were the same and that is a good thing for me. The amount of like or dislike is pretty subjective so many will disagree with your "lack of interest" statement because they(me included) liked the season a lot overall.
  3. EviLKitten

    Twilight Sparkle/Sci-Twi Fan Club

    Twilight is my favorite bookworm. I just love seeing characters doing their best to gather valuable knowledge and this little pony dedicates her life in doing so. She also got a ton more with friendships as a bonus. Yea....like all the 6 seasons of MLP were just a bonus for Twi's character cuz i loved her from episode 1. And the incredible thing is that she still has flaws that make her real and things to learn to make her improve. Definitely a good choice for my best pony that i never regretted. And actually it's kind of unfair with this best pony business because even AJ that is kind of seen as the worst of the mane 6 becomes the best if u put her into another show or reality. They are all amazing and that's why the competition is so fierce for best but that doesn't mean we don't like the last. I love AJ almost as much as Twilight even if she is ..well ...also on my last spot as far as M6 go but i still love her a lot. My favorite things in life are actually knowledge and honesty but everyone knows that is not enough because sometimes Tyrants are learned and honest too and here is where all the mane 6 come as a complete package.
  4. EviLKitten

    S6 - Episode 18 - Discussion

    Oh gosh this episode was amazing. It kind of speaks to both sports players and multiplayer gamers. I am a gamer and i cannot stress enough how important is to have fun while playing with others. Many teammates these days treat the game as it was a job or something that has to be done in a certain way no matter what and that often ruins the fun for me. It may not be an episode for everyone but is sure was important for me and fun at the same time. Btw. Theory crafting for why Snails is so good at it. Earth ponies are the strength based race and their specialty is power. Pinkie nailed it. Pegasi are agility based and their specialty is dexterity. Fluttershy nailed it. Unicorns are intellect based and their specialty is thinking. And thinkers usually suck at outdoor activities. The unicorns called for the test nailed it. I think u got the point by now right?... Snails should have been another race.
  5. EviLKitten

    Would you drop everything and be a pony?!

    I would say yes on 2 conditions. Be a unicorn type pony with exceptionally powerful magic. Retain all my previous memories and have the ability to conjure computers and practically recreate the INTERNET in Equestria with my magic.
  6. Synopsis: Applejack is called together with Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle to a new town that they never visited before but it seems deserted...almost. There they find a pair of ponies that AJ believed would be never seeing again. The first great surprise they find from the 2 ponies is that AJ and Pinkie are indeed cousins. But who are those ponies and how do they know this? Well ghosts know a lot more than living beings you know. And they also know the most powerful alicorn spell that can be used only once by an alicorn. Bloodline resurrection. Spoiler for what Bloodline resurrection is: the ability to resurrect one member of your family or cousin. I think you all got the idea by now what it's about right?.... Well i should feel sorry now cuz i shot myslef in the foot and this episode will never air because i spoiled it all T_T. But anyway this would have been one of the episodes i would write if i could. It's also a first parter and has a connection to a future episode that has to happen after a much further specific event involving AJ and Pinkie...and bla bla bla ....warning headcannon overheat. Abort mission!
  7. EviLKitten

    Should the series end here?

    I don't see any reason why it should end any time soon and if it has to end no matter what then there's better be a G5 coming up next and soon. And from the poll results i can see that pretty much every fan agrees to this. DO NOT LET MLP END! It is too good of a gem to just be left alone.
  8. EviLKitten

    G5 Thread

    I think the designs can be similar to 4 or even taken from the amazing art styles inspired by G4. BUT the most important aspect would be for it to raze the target audience rating a little bit to allow for more character growth and more consistent writing. Aka don't be scared to kill villains or don't be scared to show deeper emotional bonds between some characters. Also the villains need to be tad bit more evil or a lot smarter and even succeed in some aspects or to an extent. It would resemble Lord of the rings in a sense because of it's mythical world but isn't that a good thing?. If you have a show series that is as good as LOTR then you are doing something right. I haven't seen Game of thrones but i think that is also a version to learn from with the higher rating from what i heard.
  9. EviLKitten

    Lack on interest on the rest of season 6

    The rest of s6 is still very enjoyable. You may have that impression because some of the episodes in the first part of the season were exceptionally good but that shouldn't be a reason to not like the rest right? Nothing can be perfect but what we got was still very good for the most part.
  10. EviLKitten

    Thoughts on Spike's Love of Rarity?

    Mlp won't touch love so forget it. There are already plenty of fanfics and fanart as an alternative. Also i am pretty sure that they did say a few times that they are friends and nothing more. The example i remember the most is in Inspiration manifestation.
  11. Conspiracy conspiracy. Yea sure. Nope! I am pretty sure that the end of the season has nothing to do with anything that happened so far except the season opener.It's probablyFlurry heart related and with a new character so i have no idea of what the plot is further than this. I guess that is a good thing since if i by any chance had an idea with 100% accuracy, Hasbro would probably be on the hunt But here's a stab at it anyway: Flurry heart gets her berserker powers back.
  12. EviLKitten

    S6 - Episode 17 - Discussion

    I feel like the episode was over-hyped. I did not like it as much as i thought from the preview. I mean the preview was after all part of the good. The first half was amazing but the second was...well... disappointing.
  13. EviLKitten

    S6 - Episode 14 - Discussion

    i don't get why so many ppl hate this episode. Do critics actually copy paste their ideas from eachother? For me it was very enjoyable. Oh and by the way. Can anyone PLEASE tell me who those silver maned ponies are? They are in the race but can't tell who they are because of the helmets. Especially the adorable filly.
  14. EviLKitten

    What do you want to see happen in the movie?

    I want ALICORNS. Lots and lots of them. Ok not lots but actually 6 more