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  1. Direct Current

    Music Swap Thread

    Suggestion: Princess Twilight Orchestral Suite by Melodic Pony Still gives me chills. Rest in peace man. He had a great talent. Likes: Hardstyle that wasn't made by keeponrockin
  2. Direct Current

    Music Swap Thread

    seems i gotta be the one to keep it goin fam Suggestion: Raise This Barn cover by Mandopony (country is western right) Likes: ROCK
  3. Direct Current

    Music Swap Thread

    I'll count balloon parties and other such compilation albums (like ponies @ dawn) as pony enough, assuming it's specifically a brony album
  4. Direct Current

    Music Swap Thread

    yes that is what i meant
  5. Direct Current

    Music Swap Thread

    screw it go ahead
  6. Direct Current

    Music Swap Thread

    are the horses of the colorful talking variety
  7. Hello I am Direct Current, I bang pots and pans together. You may know me for my incredible award winning "Twilight Sparkle Likes Steak", featured on EQD as many times as the World Series Finals game 5 from 1995 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I still don't know how to embed on any forum ever please help Quick facts; 1) Watched the show since early 2012, season 2. 2) I've read over 13.5 million words of fan fiction, so please use that as an insult 3) I enjoy discussing the history of the fandom for some reason I'm also here to make sure the musicians here don't get too crazy or angry or something.
  8. Direct Current

    Music Swap Thread

    Alrighty guys whats up im Direct Current and I'm here to start some shit. We've got people out there with a craving for pony music, and yet they haven't been made aware of all 5 billion brony musicians. To be fair, that many is alot. So let's trim it down to telling people about pony music they may or may not know. If they already know it? Oh well, maybe someone else sees it and goes "woah i haven't seen that before" Here's the deal; Each person suggests a pony related song to the previous commenter based on their likes. Try as that just makes the page take forever to load; simply hyperlink it. If everyone embeds then we're not gonna have a fun time, mkay Example: Suggestion; The Way She Flies by Phileo Likes; Pop punk, folk punk, etc And the next person would suggest some sort of pop punk pony song or something. Straight forward, quick, to the point Rules: 1) Keep the self promotion to the signatures and twitters 2) The point is to get people to find out about music they might not have heard. No 10000000 suggestions of the original rainbow factory plz 3) I literally can't do anything to enforce these rules on this thread so who cares Songs from brony complilation albums (BalloonParty, P@D, etc) are ok, even if they aren't pony related. And 'pony related song' means the song itself should be pony related, not just a song from a pony musician. So no FNAF/Undertale/whatever songs from pony musicians. Get it? Got it? Good. LETS GO