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  1. Zen


    Greetings, Enjoy yourself
  2. Zen

    How do I get better fast

    Best you could do is make sure to blow your nose to remove as much as you can along with drinking lots of warm fluids, basically flushing the sickness out.
  3. i started collecting only because so i wouldn't get confused when i rapidly craft every single non strange weapon into scrap because i like holding one of every weapon in the game but then it just became a thing, use in game scrap to get more stranges, etc.. the money i felt i put into the game was pretty much saying "i like this enough to support you and thanking you for continuing this old game"
  4. can you change them into triangles?
  5. Zen


  6. Zen

    Twitch Plays Dark Souls

    The idea is not the difficulty you always keep assuming stuff. The idea is more of the current system they have is alittle too slow for the bridge as it has to be alot quicker than what im seeing atm
  7. Zen

    Splatoon - You gotta be squiddin' me

    I wouldnt mind partying with someone to do stuff here
  8. Zen

    Twitch Plays Dark Souls

    Meh tell me if they ever pass the archer bridge in anor londo
  9. -w- forums functional. Servers visible. Lurking is nearly at optimum. all that is left is lurking the ingame chat through a thing like gameme

  10. Zen

    On the Discord voice chat today,

    So did my posted related to this topic :c
  11. Zen

    Anyone else feel like a hipster?

    its alot more meaningful when your friends also enjoy it.