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  1. Sirius_Face


    There's a bunch of fandom songs I love to listen to, but currently my top favorite has to be this: Holy crap, I cannot get enough of this song. It's hauntingly beautiful.
  2. Sirius_Face

    Embedded Youtube Links?

    Success!! Thank you both!
  3. Sirius_Face

    S6 - Episode 17 - Discussion

    I thought the episode was one of the better ones to feature Discord in a while. I like this more than I liked the episode of him being a dick to Twilight and Cadence. This episode had good gags, the concept was pretty relatable, and it was not ruined by the presence of Spike :s
  4. I'm sure this is super obvious and dumb of me to ask, but how do you embed youtube links here?
  5. This has been a fun little story arc to read. Sadly, nothing has been quite as entertaining or good to read since Return of Chrysalis, or the Nightmare Rarity story arc, or even the Mirror World arc. Those felt a little serious and thoughtful. This current story arc feels more like it should have been a two-part episode of MLP. Not saying it's bad, it just hasn't been very memorable.
  6. Sirius_Face

    How do we make the MMORPG genre great again?!

    The only MMORPG I've ever been able to get invested in was Final Fantasy XIV. I've tried WoW and dropped it in a week... Touching on what Seth has to say about loot got me thinking back years ago, when Diablo 2 had come out, and all the hours I spent invading the secret cow level on hell difficulty hoping to find good unique items. Fun times, getting excited to see green named set items, discarding all the yellow named items as trash. Loot drops are addicting, and perhaps are the single biggest reason for being tricked into playing a MMORPG, even if said loot isn't really all that special. After a while, ilvl is all that matters. That's why I usually play as a crafter, build my own gear which I know won't be the highest level stuff I can have, but still better than farming raids. Raiding has never been very fun for me.