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  1. Mojo

    Who Is Your Favorite MLP Voice Actor?

    Tabitha is unbeatable.
  2. Mojo

    Thoughts on Spike's Love of Rarity?

    Yeah but given how Dragon aging seems to work, with Spike still being considered a Baby despite being hatched during Twilight's Fillyhood Torch is likely at LEAST hundreds of years old, So Ember could technically be like in her 40s or 50s or something but be by Dragon standards around Rarity's "age". As for Rarity and Spike, people are all like "RARITY DOESN'T REALLY CARE ABOUT SPIKE" I just need to say how wrong they are, Rarity doesn't love Spike in a romantic sense, and if you think she should be obliged too well then you have some warped views of romance. BUT Rarity DOES love Spike as a friend and as we saw just this season is willing to literally go on an incredibly risky adventure just to support him, she with all her prim and properness didn't give a damn she was covered in mud and likely bat poop, she only cared her friend was in pain and she didn't know why. Yes she sometimes does kinda use his feelings to get him to do stuff but he ENJOYS doing those things because he's helping and spending time with her, Rarity wouldn't do that if she didn't know that.
  3. Mojo

    Who are the best ponies?

    Because they have the most clear arcs in the show and we've seen em grow the most. Plus really if you have any ambition or WANT to have it, you can ether relate to them or admire them. Though in my eyes Rarity's arc has been pulled off a lot better so she ranks well above RD to me.
  4. Mojo

    Who are the best ponies?

    >Applejack has NO VOTES AT ALL FOR 1st HOW? And wow what the hell is how is Fluttershy getting so many votes, she does almost nothing most of the time. Pinkie, Rarity and RD are performing as expected, RD and Rarity having about equal fanbases, Pinkie's being smaller. Goes with what I see on most sites Twilight is weirdly underpreforming.
  5. >Rarity doesn't get a single solo episode, yet people complain she's in the season too much >Rainbow Dash gets THREE solo episodes, and no one complains about it. Yep.. goddamn it fandom.
  6. Mojo

    Best Pony Competition!

    Yeah I mean she has so much depth and character that pretty much no one has any idea what to do with her and her episodes are almost all the same! Anyway the best pony is Rarity.