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  1. Smart Cookie

    PMV Collaborations

    Your MVs look very thematical and matching to the songs you make. Your work is gerat, you're in! While a group forms up we can work on a simple project for our channels if want to. I'd like to find at least one more person before we make a group channel.
  2. Smart Cookie

    What kind of Pony stuff do you do?

    I make PMVs And I sometimes draw but I only post on my FB
  3. Smart Cookie

    PMV Collaborations

    Howdy everypony! I'm looking to put together a collab team. That's pretty much it. No requirements. Just make PMVs (we're talking about making a seperate group channel here). Here's my channel for anyone interested: In order to join just reply with a link to your channel, what editor you use and what style of editing you prefer. Looking forward to forming a group!! ^.^ -Smart Cookie
  4. Smart Cookie

    What makes a PMV good or bad?

    When I edit I make sure to have my PMVs tied in with an existent (or even non-existent) side of a character (or the relationship between a few). In one word: theme or storyline of the PMV. It can raise (excuse me if that's not the correct term) an emotion in the viewer which in my opinion makes you closer to the show, the characters and the community. It reminds you why you're here in the first place and makes you wanna stay so that warm and tingly feel continues. On a technical note timing is key. Simple effects and transitions make it more smooth. Lip sync is optional of course but definitely makes the video more appealing. You don't need to be a master to make a good PMV. Sometimes the video with show clips can be a lot better than a video that's just cutie marks and text with complicated effects. Don't hate if you don't share my opinion. It's a matter of a creator's POV.