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  1. Now I want to switch to an English speaking server >o<"
  2. EStories

    What do you want to see happen in the movie?

    I just want to learn more about alicorns. It's simple as it gets xD
  3. EStories

    [Spoilers] MLP Movie.

    Remember: It wouldn't be the first time the Mane 6 would visit the "Sea Ponies" and "Maremaids" :3 They did already in "Under The Sparkling Sea". I wonder if they will aknowledge that in the movie.
  4. EStories

    Yes or No

    Yes :c Would you miss MLP more than Gravity Falls?
  5. Hmm... Create "MLP Content"? Check! Meet the "EQD-Guys"? Check! Meet a lot of friends and have lots of fun? Super Check! I had a lof of dreams/wishes when I joined MLP, but TBH: Almost all of my dreams came true already /)^3^(\ What's left? IDK. Hmm... Well, maybe to meet John de Lancie x3
  6. EStories

    Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree

    When I learned that EG4 will focus on a "Summer Camp" i was really, really worried about it's plot. I loved EG 1 - 3, but a "Summer Camp"? Luckily the trailers were extremly promising and now I'm looking forward to it as much as I did to "Rainbow Rocks".
  7. Hello everypony! x3 I would be happy if someone knows/recognizes me (us) from dA, but in any case: I'm EStories - or "Think Pink" - of "Equestria Stories" x3 We create several MLP comics including "Seeds of Darkness" and "Find Yourself". When I learned that EQD (finally x3) opened an own forum I just had to join it! I'm curious else followed EQD's call x3 I will try hard to be an active member of this community and... Yeah. That's it xD