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    HELP! I need to know who created...

    In the future, it might be helpful for you to use Google image search or search by using D'booru tags. Cheers!
  2. I've had this placeholder OC for a while now, although I haven't really used her and because of my tendency to update my self-image, I can't say that I'm quite certain how I'd look. Yeah.
  3. maia


    Actually I've been here since day 1 but I disappeared and then remembered that this place exists Aloha!
  4. maia

    Favorite Animal?

    Ponies are an obvious answer. I like the Icelandic pony in particular: Also, penguins. And also there's the cowbird. Honestly they're kind of pests and so called brooding parasites, as they raise their young by nesting in other birds' turf and force other birds to perform parental duties, but well, that's just how it is.
  5. I haven't been in the forums in forever but this shit is something I need to be on for Spongebob best show
  6. To the people who participate in making contributions to the fandom, what kind of stuff do you do? I personally make comics, if anyone's interested :3
  7. Remember when forums were relevant?

    Yeah me neither

    1. Leonbrony17
    2. maia


      Pay no notice to my 2016 posts


      Although I won't take them down.

  8. maia

    Clans on Forums

    kill urself but kill urself metaphorically so the admins won't get to me
  9. maia

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    I do like Cora Spondence
  10. maia

    Our Lord and Savior, Stomedy

    malphy you piece of shit you posted all the mainstream stomedy memes post some from his other vids
  11. maia

    Pae in da house

    kil urself
  12. maia


    Hello! I'm Sneshneeorfa, new here like everyone else I guess. Doubt anyone recognizes me, I do comics and crap. Anyways, how are ya'll?
  13. For me: 4/10Had its moments, was pretty funny.Ending was cringy though, plot overplayed and predictable.
  14. thanks eqd forums


    thanks to you now the md and nds will never be alive

  15. maia

    So are you really from Greenland

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      I was on other town, but I just moved to Nuuk in few months ago

    3. maia




      Just a bit curious, first time I see a Greenlandic brony.


      (Or any Greenlandic citizen, for that matter)

    4. Error


      thanks. Well we got some few other fellow bronies in Greenland.

  16. maia

    MLP Comics!

    oooh really? SHAER IT
  17. maia

    MLP Comics!

    I do MLP Comics on my Deviantart: Gallery Feel free to look around! And if you do comics yourself, link here, I'd love to read 'em.
  18. like this comment to receive 5 years of good luck, a girlfriend, and a pink iphone under your pillowcase



    1. Mishaka


      A pink Iphone?


      Fuck no, offer rejected.

    2. Leonbrony17


      Do i have those things now? xD

  19. I fucking hate this website.


    I'm going to keep using it.

  20. maia

    S6 - Episode 17 - Discussion

    Not that good. 4/10
  21. 'sup Russophile Here's a Russian