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    Fallout: Equestria!

    Saw this recently, a lot of hard work best not wasted for nothing.
  2. Canyon Light

    worst video games ever!

    I almost forgot to mention I have the VS Maxx too. So it was funny to see it come up in vinesauce's videos eventually. Another one I own still also came up in his worst Star Wars video games video: the Darth Vader remote plug-n-play.
  3. Canyon Light

    worst video games ever!

    I used to have the original SNES but still have an emulator console that functions the same. I mean the infamous plug-n-play remotes that have basic games on them. I can even find a video on one of them. The VS Maxx 50 in 1:
  4. Canyon Light

    worst video games ever!

    Definitely not, it is the new norm because instead of unlocking say, costumes, you can't earn them through playing the game nowadays but only with money to buy them. Back in say, the PS2 era when all content was on disc and even early PS3 era when some games gave away FREE DLC. We've reached new levels of lowering the bar than I thought was possible earlier.
  5. Canyon Light

    worst video games ever!

    (SNES) Terminator 2: this game was not helpful at all to explain what I was supposed to do when I was younger and played it. (Plug-n-Play): almost all of them that I own except the Batman one and Fantastic Four one. Those are fun and the rest are simple or simply frustrating and basic. (PS1) Star Wars: The Phantom Menace game. I had no idea what I was doing at the time and the camera angling was not helpful at all. (PS2) Madagascar: The Video Game. Frustrating controls response and becomes repetitive. Mini-games were novelty. (Wii) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: the downgraded version of the PS3/XBOX 360 version I never played. The Wii nun-chuck remote controls were frustrating to get right. (PS3) Lord of the Rings: Conquest: only on here because game felt short on content and it was a reskin of Pandemic's Battlefront games it was trying to imitate, and the servers shut down soon for MP (PS3) Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. That game felt very underwhelming for its size. Fun for wasting time to blow stuff up if bored, not much else. Actually beat this game to get all the trophies for it, just because one of my friends was addicted to it. If I had to say which game was hot garbage at the time, it was Mercs 2. (PS4) Assassin's Creed: Unity. This game was such a mess on release before I played it, and even after patches still crashed infrequently. Dead Kings DLC was made free for everyone as an apology.
  6. Canyon Light

    Party boye's back

    Awwww sweet. Also glad to see that you're back on the forum.
  7. Canyon Light

    I am slightly new here

    Hello Littlepip, I've read the original Fallout: Equestria story in a matter of two weeks and it is nice to meet'cha. We have a FoE thread in the Crystal Empire Library forum section and I have plenty of useful/neat links if you're looking for more FoE content to browse.
  8. Canyon Light

    Fallout: Equestria!

    Fancy. On a similar note: the flash game by empalu is now in version 0.6 since the very first versions. Pretty neat flash game. On another similar note to the original purpose of this thread: I now own a physical copy of Fallout: Equestria. Slightly used, third edition with the thin pages but it was such a generous gift. Now I have my own 'funny story' of how I acquired the book. Kinda wish the person in question wanted a bit of limelight online for their generosity but I would have to ask to be sure if they do want a bit of recognition. In short, best request reward ever. Oh yeah, the image in question I had to find first: (Slight spoiler for Project Horizons' Rampage)
  9. Hello Shadow Dash. Remember that neon light art of Rainbow Dash I was looking for? I checked Deviantart today for an update and the artist replied six days ago that they found a .pdf (actually a .psd) file of the image. It is not large, but it is something. Let me know if you'd like a link to it. I tried to PM you but that wouldn't work.

  10. Happy New Year's! 

    Me when I wake up tomorrow -> :berrywut:

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      happy new years I cant sleep tonight

  11. Canyon Light

    Fallout: Equestria!

    Found the image I was looking for, and got a very kind reward from it. Happy holidays, season's greetings, happy Hearth's Warming. I won't let this thread stay dead.
  12. If anyone is wondering what I've been up.. two words: house repairs. For a couple weeks now and trying to get them finished by Christmas time.

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    2. Canyon Light

      Canyon Light

      Well, good luck with that, likewise. I flew once before, and it were interconnected flights back and forth, not just point A to point B.

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      yeah im thinking round trip


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  13. Canyon Light

    Fallout: Equestria!

    It's a shame fan art from any Fo:E story is sometimes lost to un-archived status. It took me hours on end to try to locate any mirror of a certain image for a thread that requested help finding it. it was a simple image about PH's Rampage and her tragic backstory, without saying much else.
  14. Canyon Light

    Fallout: Equestria!

    Nice art piece.
  15. Canyon Light

    Looking for Fallout Equestria PnP

    Hello and welcome to the forum, MayaMagridal. Have you tried the Fallout Equestria Resource website's forum or the FoE subreddit in your search? I haven't done any PnP game (time constraints) but I hope you find what you're looking for. Honestly, this part of the forum is not as active as the rest depending on the topic of the game. So I hope this helps.
  16. Canyon Light

    Fallout: Equestria!

    Bump. I'm compelled to keep this thread going.
  17. Hey Shadow Dash, just want to let you know an update about the laser artwork. I have asked the artist if he can upload it or as he replied send a link to it. I replied saying please do. So I am waiting for a reply on his profile and it took a month for a reply, which is fine by me.

    1. Shadow Dash

      Shadow Dash

      Ok. I had started to forget about that art, but I remember how cool it was. Thanks for doing this for me!

    2. Canyon Light

      Canyon Light

      Not a problem, man. I hope I get a follow-up reply.

  18. Canyon Light

    Season 7, Episode 15: Triple Threat

    This oughta be good..
  19. Canyon Light

    Season 7, Episode 14: Fame and Misfortune

    First off, I'm not concerned if I liked the episode or not. Either way, it won't compel me to stir up drama. I'm no critic, I just enjoy the ride. After re-watching it twice, I see some potential continuity with the likes of Toola Roola and Coconut Cream reappearing later. I really hope the whole everypony is a jerk shtick is toned down the next episode, who does care for what the majority of the populace have to say? Let's focus on the characters, not the background ponies as a whole entity. The background ponies making the loudest fuss, does not follow well for next episode. So surely this episode was a self referential jab and nothing more after. When the Friendship Journal was distributed across Equestria, I knew this had Larson's handiwork all over it. A non-sequitor at best. I will enjoy the reception of memes and such on Derpibooru though, always quality entertainment images, macros, gifs, etc.
  20. Canyon Light

    Please help me find this fanfic.

    Where did you find this fanfiction story, if you recall? Fimfiction search resulted in two similarly named stories, one about Shy turning into a bunny and the other starting off differently. Also, this topic better belongs in the Crystal Empire Library section, but that's fine for now being here, long as it was accidental. However please keep this in mind.
  21. I'm just curious, which ideas in particular are you glad that didn't go through? Because I don't think I would like some original ideas that didn't make it, as well. I wouldn't know if it was the toy department, wouldn't surprise me though. You're probably right though, if Faust remained, Hasbro would of done it anyways. I can't say the show would be much better if she stayed on it, as seven seasons in some change is expected as we see it undergo in the show. I faintly recall the outrage Cadance's change received, but that's it. A lot of now long ago old memories. For me it was a bit of a shock, not only as initial shock to fuel Twilight, but once the dust settled, the realization set in. It will be some time still before I warm up to the castle as much as the treelibrary. I do wonder though, speaking of Hasbro, how about the other half of their franchises like Transformers? I find it hilarious that Allspark Pictures is in-part producing the MLP: FiM movie because of its name. Is it just me or is MLP: FiM and related more focused on or rather prioritized versus Transformers? How are those Transformers movies working out for them, I wonder. Stopped watching them after Age of Extinction, and I don't even watch any modern Transformers shows anymore. I'm more excited and anticipating MLP: FiM's movie and rest of season seven, versus what I should be interested in for cartoons by rigid and dated society standards. Woohoo.
  22. Besides my tangent above about Faust overall, I would say the show has strayed a bit from her vision. Which is an understatement in some examples. The Golden Oaks Library tree's condition was a twist I did not expect and still it felt like it was wrong. So many memories from the early seasons would occur in that treelibrary as a place of meetups and interaction. I watch media, of PMVs, parodies, etc, and every time I see the treelibrary in a scene, it's unfortunate. Yet an example of an intact idea of her's is the Apples' parents. Many different changes have occurred since Season 1, but the show is still not worse from wear with trying new ideas. Sure, many of us wanted Firefly to be Rainbow Dash's mother, as a fun head-canon. However, many including myself, were more than content with RD's parents revealed in the show. With the show having half of season 7 to finish up featuring a tie-in to comics, and a movie for it, it remains to be seen if it really is worse for wear. Has the show strayed the path of original intent and meaning enough to cause me to stop watching it? Nope. Regarding Equestria Girls, long as EqG does not steal the spotlight from the main show and overlap excessively, it's all good to me. The show's early seasons felt down-to-earth, genuine and honestly well meaning. The later seasons up to now had hits and misses of episodes with staff changes, but I enjoy it even more after watching the early seasons first in order. I still get that anticipation of new episodes to see where it goes, it's a fuzzy and daresay comfortable feeling, in part as to why I watch the show even now. It feels like the same show still as when I first started watching it. I won't be the one to doomsay about the show and stir up unnecessary drama. If something great happens, being along for the ride is great. If something cringey or terrible happens, being along for the ride is fascinating. Either way, for me it is fun to be apart of 'the ride'. I'll be going along for the ride, whichever path it goes, as it's my favorite.
  23. Canyon Light

    Have you ever skipped an episode?

    I skip no episodes. I watch every episode when it airs if possible.
  24. Canyon Light

    How many more seasons?

    As many as it takes.
  25. Canyon Light

    A father of a new fan

    You mentioned Twilight's library treehouse (never forget) and I presume that is a set of the smaller plastic toys? Sylveon mentioned plushies but could you clarify what toys you mean, maybe with a picture?