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  1. Stygian

    Season 7 Confirmed

    As long as they can sell toys and the show stays popular i can't see them stopping anytime soon
  2. Stygian

    World of Warcraft

    Shame im on the EU
  3. Stygian

    Rainbowdash = Mane 6?

    I loved it when she imitated Applejack even though both characters are voiced by the same voice actor. Wish i could have been in the recording studio lol.
  4. Stygian

    I love Rainbow Dash! <3

    Hope you enjoy your stay
  5. Stygian

    World of Warcraft

    played in hardcore guilds since 2007. Decided to go casual in a guild called pulse on silvermoon. If anyone wants to lvl in legion send me a message ^^
  6. Stygian

    Continue the Sentence

  7. Stygian

    Why did you join the fandom?

    I had one of those annoying friends that crammed mlp down my throat at every given opportunity. We would be on skype and he'd quote from the show and reference it all the time! Eventually i gave in and watched the first episode, then before i knew it i polished off the first season and craved more! I don't weir any pony merchandise or try to get people to watch it because as I said above I didn't like it when I was been "forced" to check it out. I just enjoy the new episodes when they come out and re-watch some of my favourite ones to relax after a hard days work.