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  1. Rainbowdashfan

    I hate every single user on this site

    I usually read the topic title and the first post. In fact if you hadn't gotten the problem resolved I would of told you a place to watch it. you see, I had a problem with YouTube too, they were making me pay to watch it. Now, I don't get the discovery family channel, and YouTube was my only way of watching it. Until a friend reccomended kisscartoons.com. Saw it on there, no problem.
  2. Rainbowdashfan

    Who are the best ponies?

    In this order rainbow dash Scootaloo Fluttershy If only I could tie a bunch of ponies at first and second place.
  3. Rainbowdashfan

    Favorite Episode By Far?

    I am going to do a top 15 here(and still feel like I'm leaving out 80 or so episodes.) - crusaders of the lost mark - Stranger then Fanfiction - Fall weather friends - sleepless in ponyville - The fault in our cutie marks - Pinkie Pride - saddle rec and row - Amending fences - sister hooves social - suited for success - return to harmony - dungeons and Discord - read it and weep - slice of life - times they are a changeling
  4. Rainbowdashfan

    S6 - Episode 19 - Discussion

    I absolutely loved this episode. Sure, Gabby was hyper active, but I loved her so much. All she wanted to do was help everyone and get her cutie mark. I think the CMC did a great "plan B" when they carved out a cutie mark for her. Very solid episode I'd give it ten stars
  5. Rainbowdashfan

    Have you met an MLP cast/crew member?

    I might not have had any real talks with any of them cause, to tell you the truth I am a real shy person and celebrities I all but, kinda freeze up. But, I have gotten autographs / my picture taken with quite a few. Here are the autographs/pictures I got at Bronycon 2014: - Peter new(autograph) - Daniel ingram(just picture taken with him) - Andrea libman(just autograph) at Bronycon 2015 Andrea Libman:: ( picture taken with her) Nicole Oliver(picture and autograph) Cathy wesluck( picture taken with her) John De Lancie: ( picture taken with him) At ponycon 2016: lauren Faust(picture taken with her and autograph) Ashleigh Ball: ( picture taken with her and autograph) Lana Hall (she voiced "ra-ra" in the "mane attraction") ( just picture taken with her) Bronycon 2016: Ashleigh Ball(picture and autograph again) She autographed my RD plushie. XD Tara Strong ( picture with her and autograph) Tabitha ( picture with her and autograph) Michelle Creber( I got a picture taken with her)
  6. Rainbowdashfan

    What do you do to calm down?

    Ok, this is a huge problem of mine. Depending on the situation, I don't really have a way to calm down / calm down way too late, after a bunch of yelling/ swearing/ hurtful things have been said. what I need to do more is chill out before I get to that level. these are some of things I do to calm down sometimes. - watch baseball - watch a wwe ppv - crank the music up and listen to your favorite song - watch ponies - go for a walk - literally Netflix and chill - watch a really funny movie
  7. Rainbowdashfan

    What do you like to do when you're home alone?

    Basically when I'm home alone I just do what I normally do only louder. I might sleep downstairs on the couch and leave the TV on as well.
  8. Rainbowdashfan

    Why did you join the fandom?

    I am a 33 year old male from New Jersey. I got into this show some point in 2011 I believe. I remember it like it was yesterday. i have this one friend on Skype who was like "Dude, have you watched this one show called My little pony: Friendship is magic"? I remember being extremely skeptical I was like " My Little pony? Seriously? Well, to each their own, but, I don't think I'm into that." But, I role played the show with him after he explained a bit. I was still not interested in show , fast forward two weeks it was one of my buddies birthdays on a forum I go too, and someone posted the pinkie pie telegram song.After I watched that a bunch of times and saw a episode then I was hooked and been a brony ever since.
  9. Rainbowdashfan

    Favorite Television Genre

    If I am not watching some nostalgic cartoon normally comedy is what I love to watch.
  10. Rainbowdashfan

    Bronycon 2017

    I for one can't wait for this I have been going to bronycon since 2014 and since then it has been a yearly tradition for me to keep going. Hopefully I can save up enough money so half my trip won't be me worrying how I'm ever gonna pay off my credit card bill like the last two years.
  11. Rainbowdashfan

    Hey all

    Hi, guys. Fellow Brony from New Jersey here. My name is Josh, and I have been a Brony since about 2011. Anyway,I am happy to be here and look forward in getting to know you all.