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  1. Sharp Wit


    I know your pain. When the new prime is released I'm usually able to drop half of the new parts on my own. But usually Warframe Market comes with help. I sell some of the junk/extra new parts to make profit and buy the remaining parts for that profit. And I say it to you all the new primes are totally worth getting and putting forma into it. Especially Nekros, after his rework. With right build it can be really tanky.
  2. Sharp Wit


    It seems that there are a few Tenno around, so I though, as someone who really like this game (1800 h on steam, MR 17, almost 18) I'll refresh it a little bit, especially since the release of the Lunaro, Specters of the Rail, Silver Grove, Nekros Prime, and upcoming War Within, which might blow fans mid (judging from teasers) as much as The Second Dream did. I'm curious are you guys still playing, how you are doing and your overall thoughts on those updates I mentioned. I've started playing this game way back in closed beta, but after the game was causing a bit of a problems I pretty much ragequit the game, and returned some time after Cicero Crisis. Since that time, I pretty much check this game every day, to at least get the extractors and daily reward. P.S. I'm such a fan, that my OC, I'm working on will be a dragon-pony that will strongly resemble the Tenno XD But for the record I'm a fan, not a fanboy (prime example is my problem with new Relic system in context of new Primes)
  3. Sharp Wit


    Hello, I'm Sharp Wit I'm relatively new in a fandom, became a brony some time before Season 5, after watching previous 4 seasons and EQG movies, to find out the answer for my long running (and forgotten for some time) question- "What's with those ponies? Why they are so popular?". Instead of finding the explanation, I felt it, and so here I am Now I'm running my own Brony Analysis channel, because of all the well know (I think they don't like to be called "famous") Brony Youtubers the gears in my head started to operate at full capacity, and it was the only relieve Right now I'm also working on my OC and his background story. Current one is a simple training/introduction/work-in-character. Outside ponies I like Martial Arts, computers, video games (#WarframeNerd) P.S. I'm from Poland, so I'm sorry if I'm doing any king of language/grammar errors