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  1. Allen

    Say "Hi!" to Allen

    Still need to confirm my email through this site, and thank you bronies for welcoming and saying "hi" to me on Equestria Daily Forums! I'll submit for you is my set of pony calendar wallpapers for next year (Sethisto's [or call him "Seth" for sure] a Trixie fan, so I'll submit for him: Trixie 2017 Calendar)!
  2. Allen

    Greetings everypony!

    Hi and welcome to Equestria Daily Forums, Doctor Blue! I hope you have fun and enjoy your time here!
  3. Allen

    Hello, pony friends!

    Hi and welcome to Equestria Daily Forums, Dawn! I hope you have fun here with the other bronies!
  4. Allen

    Why hello there ponies

    Oh, hi Apple and welcome to Equestria Daily Forums! I hope you have fun here while I look forward for great news!
  5. Hi there bronies on Equestria Daily Forums, it's me "Allen"! How did Equestria Daily have a forum? Well MLP Forums is a better place for me rather than this site, because that's the largest pony forum on the internet. I felt that's not a difference between these two forums. I'm looking forward for the latest pony news on Equestria Daily, the great news. In case, I'll submit my artwork to Equestria Daily via DeviantArt: my set of pony calendars (for this and next year) and my official wallpaper with ponies! You can ask me to make more pony calendars for you and save it!