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  1. It may actually lead to something bigger. Add the possibility of changelings in that mix and maybe we could see a multi-nation army countering a major threat in a future episode or dare I say, movie.
  2. Toonamp

    Following the Episode Viewership Numbers

    Ratings are always interesting to see, even if they mean very little in the end. The main issue I have is if Discovery Family can stay afloat. Is MLP:FiM still the most popular series on the network? They have confirmed season 7 right?
  3. Toonamp

    Why did you join the fandom?

    Hello, I'm a mid-west brony. If there is anything good to come out of the episode Rainbow Falls, it is this. The return of Derpy. Now before the episode, I had no clue who she was or why this was important. All I remember her from is a random toy I saw at Hot Topic. So I decided to Google a search for the walleyed pony. To my surprise, I found some animations. The first was called The Fly which was cute. Then I noticed some suggested links for other animations. So I clicked on the first one which was the Children of the Night. I wanted to seem more original fan animations so I clicked on the next one which was the SFM version of Nightmare Night. I discovered all of these amazing animations. I was so in love with the creativity and admired the time and effort that was put into these animations, I decided then and there that I was a brony. I didn't discover the analysis side of the fandom until I stumbled upon AnY Ponies channel, which led me to Silverquill, which led me to, how many reviews has that hippogriff collaborated with?
  4. Toonamp

    Show me your OC!

    Took a bit a retooling to get my Ponysona's look to where I liked it.
  5. Toonamp

    MLP Analyst Link Drop

    The Times They Are A Changeling By Toonamp We take a look at two different series episodes that focuses on the same topic, Sofia The Firsts Beauty is the Beast and My Little Pony's The Times They are a Changeling, compare them, and see which series did it better.
  6. Toonamp

    MLP Analyst Link Drop

    Be sure to read the rules. When I see an MLP review, I see an opportunity to learn from each other as each of us have a different perspective on each episode. It is amazing how many times I watch a review of an episode and think, huh, I never looked at it that way before. This is a basic link drop for MLP analyzers to post their reviews all in one post. This a way to give an opportunity for those of us who are and aren’t featured regularly on Equestria Daily. This is also so we don’t clutter the forum with hundreds of different random reviews. Again this is a simple link drop which means that all discussions, comments, counter arguments, etc. should be reserved for the comment section of that particular review. If you come across a review that you like, then you can let others know by using the “Like This” button on the bottom of the post. What to put in your post: Name of episode you are reviewing & name of reviewer Example: The Times They Are a Changeling by DWK (This way it is a lot easier to find a certain review if you're using the forums search feature.) A brief synopsis of your review A link to your review. What is allowed: Links to written, audio, and video reviews of episodes, movies, comics, books, and themes of My Little Pony. Reviews Commentaries Podcasts First Impressions Also I will include things such as some of Dawn Somewhere videos and Littleshys videos as they are a form of analyzation.. What is not allowed: Blind Reactions or any Reaction videos. Fanwork Reviews-Stick to the main cannon series, books, and comics. Attack/Drama anything Pet Projects that is not a review such as TF2, etc. Double Posting-I can understand accidentally posting twice in a row, however, not posting a review once and then posting it again a few days after to get more exposure. Once is enough. Any review older than Aug. 1, 2016-Lets face it, there are a lot of reviews out there and the last thing we need is for someone to dump all of Silverquill’s reviews all at once. Also, be sure to stick to the forum rules as well: I am looking forward in reading, listening, or watching your reviews.