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  1. We FINALLY got a synopsis for episode 24. What do you think?
  2. Do you think the show is an accurate portrayal of friendship?
  3. I have an idea for a show. How about a spin-off of MLP that's targeted towards adult and bronies, with more adult language and topics? Would you watch it?
  4. Spike only had a brief cameo this episode, while Starlight got a speaking role. And Starlight took his place in Fame and Misfortune. He's barely had any screentime this season. Is Starlight replacing Spike? Do you think he'll become a background character next season? Will he even get any episodes? Why is he being given so little screentime after a great season 6?
  5. A sneak peek of the S8 premiere was shown at Hascon, and a certain bug will make a return.
  6. Has Thorax had more development than Spike?
  7. There are a lot of old game series that haven't had a new entry in years. Personally, I want an Ape Escape 4. The first Ape Escape on PS1 was one of my favorite games as a kid.
  8. Have you noticed that male characters tend to get the short end of the stick in development? Why do you think this is? Would you like to see more?
  9. Anyone else get the feeling that most of Spike's episodes from now on will focus on his friendships with Ember and Thorax?
  10. Do you feel that bronies sometimes expect too much out of the show? I've seen them want darker plots, more development, and an emphasis on lore and worldbuilding. I myself am often guilty of this, but then I remember I'm not the target audience.
  11. A little late, but here's the promo for Saturday's episode:
  12. Doesn't Spike get the fewest number of episodes a season?
  13. Let's say Spike invites Ember to Ponyville during winter. It never snows in the Dragon lands. How does Ember react to the snow? This could be like someone who's from a place with a warmer climate experiencing snow for the first time.
  14. I've noticed that Spike episodes tend to vary wildly in quality. Why can't they seem to make consistently good Spike episodes? Is he really that hard to write? Should they just not give him any more episodes if he keeps getting bad ones like Triple Threat?
  15. I'd like for Ember to have a song. She's voiced by a singer, after all. What do you think?