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  1. At this point, the only non-finale episode we don't know about is 24. Who do you think will be the focus of this episode?
  2. I might have already made this topic, but who cares? Anyway, how would you rank the seasons of the show, including 7 so far, from best to worst?
  3. Yes, I know the 2010s aren't over yet. The 2010s have been a very good year for animation. Where would you rank MLP in the top 5-10 cartoons of this decade?
  4. MLP has a lot of well-rounded characters both main and supporting. But, who are the least developed main/recurring characters?
  5. I find that I'm not as into the show as I was when I first watched it. Anyone else feel the same way?
  6. Has Spike had any good episodes, or at least decent ones? Why does it seem to be so difficult for the writers to give him good episodes?
  7. What character, in your opinion, tends to have the weakest episodes?
  8. Do you think the episode could be good? Will it at least be better than Princess Spike or Spike at Your Service?
  9. I'm worried about Triple Threat because I fear it will undo all that Season 6 did for Spike.
  10. What do you think is the likelihood of Season 7 having a three part season finale?
  11. Have you ever skipped an episode, whether because you had to go somewhere, or you just didn't like the premise? Are there any episodes for Season 7 you plan to skip?
  12. What do you think of the idea of the show having a darker and more serious tone? It could open up more storytelling options for the writers.
  13. Do you think we’ll get episode previews the day before an episode airs? I kinda miss those times.
  14. I'm cautiously optimistic for Triple Threat. Spike's been on a roll since S6.
  15. How many more seasons do you think the show will have?