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  1. I heard on another site that Treehouse is out of new episodes. Not sure how reliable this is, but here's Treehouse's schedule for this Saturday: https://www.tvpassport.com/tv-listings/stations/treehouse/163/2017-05-27 Discordant Harmony isn't listed. What do you make of this?
  2. What do you think? Have you been surprised at how good these episode were?
  3. IF EQG becomes a series, they could do an episode about drugs, and facing peer pressure. Maybe one of the Mane 7 is invited to a party where alcohol is consumed. Kids will face the temptation to do drugs and alcohol when they go to high school. This could be a good lesson to teach them.
  4. Well, we finally get to learn about Applejack's parents this season, and we'll get to see the episode next Sunday. What do you think will happen? Will they reveal what happened to the parents, and whether they're dead or alive?
  5. Now I'm not so worried about Triple Threat. This is the third time now that an episode I thought would be bad turned out to be good (The first 2 were Flurry of Emotions and Parental Glideance).
  6. How do you feel about getting episodes before their US airdate, and getting 2 episodes a week? Personally, I'm not a fan of it. It kind of messes with the discussion around here. There has to be one thread for the episode released in Canada, and one for the episode released in the US. Also, I like having new MLP episodes on Saturday. I don't like watching one new episode on Saturday, and then missing Sunday's episode because I'm at church.
  7. Tell us about things in media that you were afraid of when you were younger, no matter how silly it seems now. It can be anything, like shows, commercials, video games, etc. I remember I used to be afraid of Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple.
  8. Do you think that the show is transitioning into focusing on Starlight and her friends, since the Mane Six are more or less done with their goals?
  9. I’m upset that this season isn’t building on the potential left for Spike from the previous season. He's only getting one episode this season. Even Discord is more developed than Spike.
  10. How would you rank the MLP seasons, from best to worst?
  11. What flaws would you say the show has? What shortcomings?
  12. Has Spike ever had any character development in the show?
  13. Who do you think will be the focus characters in Season 7 episodes 16 through 21?
  14. Which of the upcoming S7 episodes are you most worried about, if any?
  15. What upcoming episodes are you people worried about?