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  1. Save net neutrality. Join the fight to save the internet.
  2. When the show ends.

    What will you do when the show ends? What will you be like on the day of the last episode? What do you think will happen to the fandom when the show ends?
  3. Reforming villains.

    Since Tirek and Chrysalis are confirmed to be in S8, what do you think will happen with them? Do you think they'll get reformed?
  4. Celebrity guest stars.

    What do you think are the odds of them getting an A-list actor/actress to guest star on the show? Someone like Leonardo DiCaprio or Johnny Depp.
  5. Yes, I know Season 7 isn't officially over yet, but it is for me, since I watched the leaked episodes. When do you think we'll get a trailer for season 8? January?
  6. An upcoming book features Scootaloo living with her Aunt Holiday and Aunt Lofty, who are a lesbian couple. Vogel confirmed that they're a couple. What do you think about this? Do you think they could appear in the show?
  7. Season 7, Episode 22: Once Upon a Zeppelin

    It's confirmed that Twilight considers Spike part of her family.
  8. Not getting four seasons.

    It really sucks living in Texas, where I don't get to enjoy four distinct seasons like everyone else. Wish I could move up north.
  9. South and seasons.

    Are there any places in the south that get all four seasons? I'm from Texas, and we don't.
  10. Preview for Once Upon a Zeppelin.

    What if Spike isn't in this episode? There's no reason for him to not be in it.
  11. Trailer for Saturday's episode. What do you think?
  12. Bad episodes this season.

    IMO, this has been one of the best, most consistent seasons of the show. But are there any episodes so far that you'd call bad?
  13. Romance in MLP.

    Since Big Mac and Sugar Belle got together this season, do you think the show will have more characters becoming couples in the future? Maybe the Mane Six could get stallionfriends.
  14. A lot of cartoons have a strict status quo, with characters staying the same as they've always been. So, what are some cartoons with good character development?
  15. How will the movie do?

    By this, I mean how will the movie do at the box office? Do you think it could break box office records? Could it at least be number one on opening weekend?