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    Who will see the movie?

    What will be the main target group who goes to watch the movie? Will it be mostly bronies?
  2. VG_Addict

    Playstation 5.

    When do you think the Playstation 5 will come out? Will it come out in 2019?
  3. Would you consider MLP to be the best cartoon of all time? Where would you rank it on a list of best cartoons ever made?
  4. There are a lot of old game series that haven't had a new entry in years. Personally, I want an Ape Escape 4. The first Ape Escape on PS1 was one of my favorite games as a kid.
  5. What would your personal list of the top 10 cartoons of the 2010s look like?
  6. Why do you think the reception for the movie was mixed? Was it because of the stigma still attached to MLP, or was the movie just not that good?
  7. What characters would you say have had the most improvement in episode quality? I say it would be the CMCs or Spike.
  8. I'm worried the Student Six won't get much development, and we won't get to see their friendships grow over the course of the season. I know they became friends in the premiere, but I'd like to see episodes focused on them becoming closer. I mean, the Mane Six became friends in the S1 premiere, but they still frequently conflicted with each other and had to learn to be closer friends throughout the season. It helped to make their friendships feel organic as we watched it grow. Looking at the S8 episode synopses, I don't see a lot of episodes about the Student Six becoming closer friends. , but 3-4 episodes aren't enough to show them becoming better friends. This worries me because I. don't know, maybe I'm worrying over nothing. What do you think?
  9. Tell us about things in media that you were afraid of when you were younger, no matter how silly it seems now. It can be anything, like shows, commercials, video games, etc. I remember I used to be afraid of Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple.
  10. The other night at the Oscars, the MLP Movie didn't even get nominated for an award. Can you believe that? Yet Boss Baby did. Surely, the MLP Movie was at least more deserving of a nomination than that movie.
  11. VG_Addict

    Will you watch G5?

    Are you interested in G5? Will you watch it when it airs? I'm personally looking forward to the possibility of more worldbuilding and adventure.
  12. VG_Addict

    Will Spike be in G5?

    How likely, or unlikely, is it that Spike will be in G5? He's been a part of the series since G1.
  13. VG_Addict

    Reforming villains.

    Since Tirek and Chrysalis are confirmed to be in S8, what do you think will happen with them? Do you think they'll get reformed?
  14. VG_Addict

    When the show ends.

    What will you do when the show ends? What will you be like on the day of the last episode? What do you think will happen to the fandom when the show ends?
  15. We all love MLP on here, but are there any cartoons you like better?
  16. VG_Addict

    Save net neutrality. Join the fight to save the internet.
  17. An upcoming book features Scootaloo living with her Aunt Holiday and Aunt Lofty, who are a lesbian couple. Vogel confirmed that they're a couple. What do you think about this? Do you think they could appear in the show?
  18. VG_Addict

    Celebrity guest stars.

    What do you think are the odds of them getting an A-list actor/actress to guest star on the show? Someone like Leonardo DiCaprio or Johnny Depp.
  19. VG_Addict

    Bad episodes this season.

    IMO, this has been one of the best, most consistent seasons of the show. But are there any episodes so far that you'd call bad?
  20. Yes, I know Season 7 isn't officially over yet, but it is for me, since I watched the leaked episodes. When do you think we'll get a trailer for season 8? January?
  21. VG_Addict

    South and seasons.

    Are there any places in the south that get all four seasons? I'm from Texas, and we don't.
  22. VG_Addict

    Season 7, Episode 22: Once Upon a Zeppelin

    It's confirmed that Twilight considers Spike part of her family.
  23. VG_Addict

    Not getting four seasons.

    It really sucks living in Texas, where I don't get to enjoy four distinct seasons like everyone else. Wish I could move up north.
  24. Trailer for Saturday's episode. What do you think?