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  1. I've got Portal 2 already, but I'll gladly accept that copy of L4D. Surprised I don't have it already, really. Steam Profile
  2. ArDee

    GTA V Heists

    I haven't played GTA:O enough to rank up a whole lot (I'm ...15-ish, last I checked?) but I'd love to join in on a heist sometime. I'm a good driver and a decent enough pilot and gunman (though I do play with aim assist.) Might not have a whole lot of time since college started today, but I think I might be able to work that in. R*SC Profile
  3. ArDee

    What are you currently watching?

    House M.D., Breaking Bad, and It's Always Sunny.
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    Bug Reporting

    Facebook and Google+ linking don't seem to work at the moment.
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    Steam: ArDee. (Don't add me if you have a private profile, or are a Level 0 account. You will be blocked.) XBL: RCTAddict (No Live, subscription too expensive) PSN: RCTAddict (Only game I really play online is Gran Turismo 6)