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    Would you drop everything and be a pony?!

    Well, I would only do it if I could bring my friends with me. And let my family know. I mean, when I first joined the fandom, I would've said yes immediately! And then, life got better. (I still want unicr0n magic tho, so awesome >w<)
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    OC Master List

    Full Name: Civviq Writer Nickname(s): Civ Age: Young adult Gender: Female Race:Unicorn Home: Leading Trot, north-west of Manehattan (if broken pic, go here) Physical Description Civviq has a purple coat and a yellow muzzle. Her mane is yellow with orange and her tail is dark purple and dark blue. She has yellow/orange eyes. She always wears orange glasses, and mostly wears a blue/purple scarf (same color as her tail) and has yellow/orange saddlebags. She is a bit heavy (but that’s all fluff!) and she is a bit smaller than the average mare. Skills She is proficient in levitation - she can levitate multiple objects at once - and knows a lot of spells concerning books itself, like fixing broken or torn pages, or drying books. Some spells can be applied on other objects than books, though she doesn’t do that often. She loves to try and learn new spells (teleportation, cloud walking, etc) but she can’t do those very well. Personality Civviq is kind towards others. She’s calm, trusting, but a bit naïve. She always tries to see the good in other ponies and acts to that as well. She is book-smart and loves to read and write. She isn’t really street-smart, despite living in Manehattan fro most of her life, because she didn’t really go ou much. In Leading Trot, she also discovered for the first time what it’s like to have real friends. She never really got to learn what it really meant, so she’s a little ignorant on that note. This could lead her to be a little tactless and inconsiderate, even though she means well. She also doesn’t like ponies who think they’re better than everypony else. History She was born in the big city of Manehatten. Her parents both had book-related jobs, so she knows a lot about books and how to preserve them as well as possible. She didn't have a lot of friends in Manehattan because she was always with her nose in her books. All the other fillies and foals considered her a 'nerd', but Civviq didn't really mind. There were some who were nice to her, at least, but not really friends. She got her cutie mark when she was on vacation with her parents, the 'once-in-a-lifetime'-experience of Canterlot. She wrote down everything she saw in the small notebook she always carries with her wherever she goes. When she came back home and read it to her teacher - who read it to the class - her cutie mark appeared. It meant that she was to be a travelling writer - even though she didn't really know a lot of travelling at the time. Her parents thought it was dangerous business, going out your door. Growing up, she didn't really like the harsh city. It was too cold, too much stone. When she became an adult, she set out to find a job as a librarian, which she found in a small village north of Manehattan: Leading Trot. The villagers were nice to her, and after a few days of settling in she could find her way well. Her first friend was the head librarian, Granny Trot, but soon she had made a lot of new friends and she certainly felt at home in there. But her cutie mark still called her, and she has been saving for a trip throughout Equestria. Her first stop would be Canterlot, to visit that grand city once again, and maybe one day the Crystal Empire. It is her dream to go there.
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    Hello! I am Civviq Writer. I love EQD and all things pone! ^w^ I really like to read, write, and draw. I'm from the Netherlands btw, so please excuse my English sometimes. You'll probably see me everywhere and nowhere on here, we'll see how good things go! Visit my Fimfic and Tumblr to see my art, my writing and general ramblings~