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  1. Seven Arts

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    I think about "Chat Bubble"
  2. Seven Arts

    Show me your OC!

    Oh boy.... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOHOHOHO BOY !!!! I have SO many OC's I couldn't present them all. I will just show my favourit then. First Seven Arts, he's my persona : (Those are my first draw so they look a bit shitty) Then there is Iron Gear, he 's my first pony OC's coming from an RP, In Nomina Celestia (abreged INC), he's a engeneer batpony skyzonphrenic who first start as a solar soldier before deserting and creating an organisation called Purgatory who hunt and kill all criminals in Equestria. He as two seconde personality, Reag Nori (Red Eyes) who is his crazy personality, and Voice (Black Eyes) who is his muderous pulsation who tries to corrupt him. (I know it looks edgy like that but I assure you it's deeper than you think) And finally, the two last are from another RP called Power Ponies, it's about super heros ponies. The First is Undead, a red unicorn who came back from the dead but doesn't remember anything about his past. He's immortal and can survive any fatale injury because he regenerate. The other one is Jiucy Sugar, he's a totally crazy pony who works for one of the many bad guys of the city. He's mest up, hyperactive and unpredictable, and loves sugar. And this is only 2% of the many MANY OC's I've created.
  3. Seven Arts

    Say "Hi!" to Allen

    Hi Allen ! . . . What ? Isn't it what he ask for in the topic ?
  4. Seven Arts

    Bat Ponies

    Did somebody say.......BATPONIES ????? (All thoses characters are created and drawn by myself)
  5. Hi dee ho (I couldn't find another traduction for my traditional french salute "Salut salut salut") My name is Seven Arts and I'm a french guy who actually lives in Belgium. I'm an 20 years old artist who tries to enter a cinematic school to become director, but I also like to draw, most of the time on paper except for ponies that I draw on my computer on Paint (And I assure you it doesn't look bad). A long time ago I use to be famous on a french brony forum, but I've been forgotten with time, so I didn't draw ponies for a while. But I think I will retry to open a art gallery again. Another thing to know about me is that, unlike most of the french brony fandom, I really like the French Dub of the show, I know we're in a English forum so it dosen't really matter, but I wanted to say it. Let's talk about ponies, my favorite pony is Derpy, I loved her since I discovered her in the first episode and get a bit sad she appears less and less during the last seasons (excepte season 6 where it looks like she comme a bit back). The species I prefer is the batponies, and I love seen how much the creators of the serie have take more and more care of the background ponies. Finally, as you've probably seen, I not really good at English. I only learn this language for 5 years now and I still have some lacuna. With that say, I hope I will have a good fun here. And like we say on my county : "Merci de votre attention"