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  1. Paegyu배규

    EQG or GoH?

    Equestria Girls show.
  2. Paegyu배규

    Who do you want to see as a human?

    Zecora. Legend of Equestria is a perfect opportunity to introduce her human form. She's not seen in the teasers, though I hope Zecora will appear in the movie anyway.
  3. Paegyu배규

    Who Is Your Favorite MLP Voice Actor?

    Tabitha St. Germain is one of the best VA I've ever seen (heard?). Rarity wouldn't feel the same with a different voice actor.
  4. Paegyu배규

    What happened to Spike in Cutie Re-mark?

    Starlight created an alternate timeline. Twilight and Spike were like guests and Starlight's spell didn't affect them, because they were from their timeline, not the one GlimGlam made. I know it sounds chaotic, but it's difficult to explain how time works.
  5. Paegyu배규

    Why did you join the fandom?

    To meet new people with same interests as me.
  6. Paegyu배규

    What do you like to do when you're home alone?

    I sing and dance for my dog. Then I hide from paparazzi and try to avoid windows, because of psycho-fans.
  7. Paegyu배규

    What do you like to do when you're home alone?

    I pretend to be a popstar. ' - '
  8. Paegyu배규

    Is there an overabundance of Rarity in season 6?

    The Gift of Maud Pie - Pinkie and Maud. ft Rarity episode The Saddle Row Review - mane 6 episode Applejack's "Day" Off - Applejack and Rarity episode Spice Up Your Life - Pinkie Pie and Rarity episode. The Cart Before the Ponies - CMC episode Oh, look. Not even a single solo episode. The answer is no. There's not too much Rarity in season 6. People need to get over it.
  9. Paegyu배규

    Three things

    #2 is a lie. 1. I've been to Germany 2. My dog's ears are bigger than his head 3. I love Luna and I think she's the best princess.
  10. Paegyu배규

    Anne is new to the forums!

    Hi there, Anne. Nice to meet you. ^^
  11. Paegyu배규

    3 Questions For All Bronies Or Pegasisters

    Your all time favorite episode: Look Before You Sleep Your most hated episode: I don't really have one, but I'm gonna say Filli Vanilli, because they ruined Pinkie's whole character in that episode. Your favorite character: Rarity and Applejack.
  12. Paegyu배규

    Anyone starting to like the films more?

    When I first heard news about Equestria Girls I was really scared. I though it was going to be a show that will replace MLP or something and then I found out that Hasbro's making a movie about humans. It didn't bother me as much, but I still was kind of sceptical about it. I fell in love with the first movie and hoped for more of these. Then they announced Rainbow Rocks and I was already a fan of EQG franchise. Again, loved it. Songs were great, villains were great and plot was very interesting. Same with FG. Now I'm impatiently waiting for LoE. I'd take any of these movies over S6 any day. Do I like them? No. Do I love them? Heck yes. ♥
  13. Paegyu배규

    Favorite Season of MLP:FiM [Includes Poll]

    Season 5. Good episodes, great songs and The Cutie Map was an interesting addition to the show. That season actually made me like Rainbow Dash (Tanks for the Memories is one of my favorite EPs in Friendship is Magic). I liked the premiere, though finale felt kind of weak compared to what we've got in season 4 (which is on #2 for me). Hasbro also showed us some "Rarity love" with three dress horse episodes in a row (last one being a Rarijack adventure in a big city ♥). I didn't like Starlight as a villain as much as I like her on the good side. Her backstory didn't convince me at all and overall she wasn't a threat in my eyes. After season 5 everything went downhill in my opinion. I was very excited for season 6, but premiere really disappointed me. I don't like the idea of Flurry Heart's unexplainable power being a center of the episode. I know MLP is a show for kids (duh), but season 6 seems childish, cheesy and doesn't get to me at all. I like two episodes (Christmas one and No Second Prances), tough the rest is just.... not good, in my opinion. I had high expectations for second part of this season, but we're already past 4 episodes and I didn't enjoy any of them. I just hope upcoming episodes are better and that finale will be a bomb.
  14. Paegyu배규

    Do you like Sunset Shimmer?

    I didn't. He's not my friend. I don't like him, but I don't dislike him, if that makes any sense. He's just there and I don't care about his existence and all that "TwiFlash" thing. You do you, boo. As long as he's not significant, I don't really have an opinion on him.
  15. Paegyu배규

    Do you like Sunset Shimmer?

    I don't care about Flash Sentry, because he's not significant to these movies. He doesn't bother me in any way and I just simply don't pay attention to him. If my opinion on a fictional character from an animation about multicolored high schoolers is hurtful to someone, then it's seriously their problem, not mine.