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  1. Hi everyone. Nice to have a forum here. I don't usually like talking about myself so I'll very quickly say I've been lurking on EqD for a couple years now but only posted a couple or so times. I'm from England, I'm into gaming (both video and tabletop), anime/manga and comics, films etc.. the usual! That'll do. HELLO!!
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    Gamer tags

    I'm nocturnerose on pretty much everything. Certainly on Steam, PSN and XBL.
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    Overwatch:The Thread:The Game

    I've been enjoying Overwatch quite a bit, which is unusual for me as I'm not normally a fan of online multi-player games or first person shooters but loved the characters designs and was hooked. D.Va is my main, and I also bounce between Mercy, Pharah, Junkrat and Roadhog for variety.
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    Not a Hideo Kojima Game

    I was pretty ok with the idea of a co-op shooter based around the Militaires Sans Frontières post Ground Zeroes until the magic portals and zombies happened. It seems they had the core of a good idea and panicked into making it as generic "core market" (and I use the term quite sarcastically) as possible. Death Stranding has me more interested despite the lack of information and I'm not even much of a Kojima fan... If the rumour of Mads Mikkelsen being in it turns out to be true it could well be a pre-order for me .
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    Ace Attorney series - HOLD IT!

    Bah! Only just this minute joined the forum and already upset at being reminded that Ace Attorney Investigations 2 has never had a western release. Worst. Forum. Ever! Love the games. I've not played the crossover with Layton yet as I'm a couple behind on those but is it worth it? I'll get there eventually...