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    Hello everybody!

    Hello everybody! I am just a pegasister who is a frequent visitor of EQD, but new to the forums. My favorite MLP character are Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Expect for MLP, I also like drawing, Pokemon, anime, Miraculous Ladybug and lately Steven Universe! ^^
  2. LunarCrystal

    EQG Minis

    I don't have any of these. x^x They look so cute though! Sunset Shimmer and DJ PON3 ones are coolest looking in my opinion.
  3. LunarCrystal

    The Brushable Thread!

    The only brushable I have is the Cutie Mark Magic Sunset Shimmer. I plan to collect more brushables, they're so colorful. :3
  4. LunarCrystal

    Who are the best ponies?

    1. Princess Luna 2. Princess Celestia 3. Sunset Shimmer
  5. The Friendship Games was my first Equestria Girls movie. I kinda liked it, but I prefer Rainbow Rocks more!