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  1. Nice to see you too Kat :3
  2. Vin

    Yes or No

    Yes. Is it time to be spooky yet?
  3. Vin

    Yay, RWBY Vol. 3 is here! (almost)

    S13's ending for RvB hit me hard. After growing up with RvB since the start, it's a sad end. Not sure what to expect in S14.
  4. Vin

    Yay, RWBY Vol. 3 is here! (almost)

    More of a RvB fan. S14.....
  5. here you have the dual personality traits. 1. Big Mac - being the less-talkative, unrecognized workhorse in the family. 2. Orchard Blossom - the femenine, extremely talkative and highly expressive personality that exsists in him. It also shows how he enjoyed expressing himself like that instead of a stallion. also loved that his accent and attitude was of a middle aged large black woman from Louisiana. Made my day.
  6. Vin


    Only "men" play on consoles.
  7. Vin

    Let's Plays?

    I can make them easily, just need people to do em with. I can do solo ones but its not as fun. thus why the PrettyPlayPals group exsists now
  8. Its not a money issue, its that technology isnt that advanced yet, and it depends if it satisfies you or not. I can configure a system for you to handle gaming at your budget, below it even. Anything above is a "want" more than a "need"
  9. Vin

    #1 Brony and Pegasister

    I vote error for having a swaggy green cape.
  10. I can suggest all the parts to you for that budget, but its still not "enough" to run modern games on ultra at 60fps. That is unrealistic right now even with a 3-way Titan X SLI. Yeah you can get average performance on modern games, even max on games like tf2 and csgo. But compare those to GTAV or Far Cry, its a dream yet to come true. But first things first, find out what motherboard mount your case supports first. That is ATX, M-ATX, E-ATx, whatever it has. Thats the form factor you need to look for when getting a mobo, and will also determine if the socket is in a prime location to allow a prebuilt water cooling loop/radiator to be fitted without kinking the tubing too much. Everything else will be icing on the cake. Cause you can go buy all the parts you want, and usually it doesn't fit, then you're out of luck and have to spend more, etc etc. Research your case first for its motherboard form factor and standoffs, and number of fan locations and radiator mounts. Add me on steam if you want a step by step guide from what to do and what to buy in your budget. I build stuff like this for a hobby
  11. Vin

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

    394 DAW was 10,000 too much for you guys last time? :3
  12. Vin

    Post yer desktops

    not that special, but yeh, its a mess can't ever get it to display the image correctly, lmao
  13. inb4 you have Outpost, Swirl and ES that have their dodgeball servers filled usually mid day and late at night. dodgeball is a great gamemode to have, thats if the community here can learn it easily. Which was a issue back when pf2 had it. "It was too hard"
  14. Vin

    Some banners?

    #1-3 are good ideas Invertigo create your mascots, pick your maps of choice for the backgrounds, and i shall see what i can do
  15. Vin

    Some banners?

    I made a banner for pf2's forums but didnt initially release it due to the server going poof soon, it was mann vs pony with celestia in the middle and other background characters from different games. I could possibly work on a new banner next month since I have a surgery tomorrow and need time to recover.