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Status Updates posted by Vin

  1. I be hammerin' down any bots that come by! :applejargh:

    1. Error


      those are so annoying

    2. ChibiDashie


      But wait! What if...


    3. Vin


      Now that, is impressive :golfclop:

  2. Happy New Year, ladies! :eyeroll:

  3. Merry Blechmass to all you ladies! :eyeroll:

    1. Error


      Merry Christmas Vin :hug:

  4. Minecraft server is up for any interested:

  5. Leaving the Minecraft server up while I go to class, if anyone is interested: .

  6. Feel free to enter a free pc giveaway!


  7. Done working for the Night, check back tomorrow!

  8. Currently working on the Minecraft server. If anyone is interested in playing or testing it out in beta, feel free to join.


    1. AaronMk


      I'm trying to build my own, but all the people I called in to help on in that regard never showed up.

    2. Vin


      lmao literally the only person "somewhat" helping me is AI, otherwise I'm at it alone, but its nearing completion, so gonna host a beta test this weekend to decide whether I go dedicated or not.

  9. @Nova S. Aurora Have you even seen Walmart? I pray for anyone that goes there today after 6 PM.

    1. Nova S. Aurora

      Nova S. Aurora

      Oh, yeah, I know. That's a death sentence.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, ladies.:eyeroll:

  11. I have been clicking "Yes to all" for workshop file updates on SFM for the past hour and a half... I can't feel my arm..

  12. about to go through hell to fix the bugs on the Minecraft server... god help me

    1. Ebon Scar

      Ebon Scar

      May the Force be with you~

    2. Frécinette


      Trade me your items before you die

  13. plones standing_by_for_orders_by_keeponhatin-d8

    1. Error


      So a plane pony...or Jet pony? Hmm

  14. Uploaded le new banner, lookin' sexy as usual :chillin:

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    2. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      i don't see any.... sexy... except sexy black color.

    3. AaronMk


      We need more plones.

    4. Vin


      yus we do


  15. New avatar, finally wasn't lazy for once. :dissapoint:

    1. Skyrazer


      When in doubt, apply Bucket.

    2. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Oh mai gawd, who are you? What happened to uncle Vinny?

    3. Vin


      ees ded, ey vil tayk ovr teh worl