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  1. Masturboy84

    What's your sexuality/Gender Identity?

    I know that feel bro/sis/helicop/motorcicle.
  2. Masturboy84

    Great Latina Singles

    Why do they do this? It should say either "latin single women" if it's in proper english or "latinas singles" if they're trying to apply the Spanish rules of gender and number to the word "latina" but "latina singles" sounds like they know not a single word in that language (or in Portuguese which also has a distinct plural and female form for adjectives) but yet they try to pretend they do. It sounds silly to me. Other than that, there's AdBlock.
  3. Masturboy84

    It's a sign from the gods

    From the Goddess herself.
  4. Masturboy84

    Phones. Just, phones.

    I hate cell phones, therefore i don't have any.
  5. Masturboy84

    Alternative facts

    Actually, if a is an alternative to b, then also b is alternative regarding a. So all facts become alternative when, of course we're not talking about facts themselves but statements done about reality (which is wher "facts" allegedly are) but we can't have a direct and immediate access to any facts, they're always presented under the form of verbal statements and descriptions, hence it's impossible to separate a fact from the source that makes it able to be known to us. Alternative source would be a better term, but once again, what's the difference?
  6. Masturboy84

    (Political) Word "Virgin" Being Used As An Insult

    I know it's a common insult online, and often associated with nerd stereotypes (which only makes it more ironic when being used by G. Takei) but i have the feeling it's becoming more common outside the net, as in mainstream media (television and printed magazines/newspapers/etc.). For instance that guy Rick Wilson insulted Trump's supporters in a similar fashion.
  7. Masturboy84

    (Political) Word "Virgin" Being Used As An Insult

    I'm not calling for a ban, or blocking people. I'm just commenting about the way language changes, and the change in social attitudes that probably lies beneath. Wether ot not George Takei is an important person is not my central point either. I'm not a follower of Start Trek so i don't consider him so important, but i chose him as an example of the behaviour i wanted to point out.
  8. Masturboy84

    (Political) Word "Virgin" Being Used As An Insult

    By the way, while is mostly used as an insult towards men, i've seen cases where women are also shamed for allegedly not being sexually experienced.
  9. Recently, some guy known as George Takei made a poll on some sort of website called Twitter, he didn't like the result so he claimed it was hijacked by "virgins", and this brings me to something i have noticed before. But first, i forgot to mention that this guy describes himself as homosexual and constantly brags about how much into embracing sexual liberty and tolerate diversity he is. So it comes as an irony (but not a surprise) that he points out some difference in other people's sexual life as a way to bash said persons. I believe this is indicative of how people behaves when a certain behaviour which was previously deemed repugnant becomes accepted so they can no longer use that as an insult but they still want to derogate someone else for being different, so are virgins the new scorned minority which is ok to mock in a society where homosexuality is mainstream? What do you think? PS: this is not about virginity itself, i'm not interested in knowing whether it's good or bad or if you're a virgin at all. It's about the way the word is used and why it's considered as an insult.
  10. Masturboy84

    Show your collection off!

    Sorry, i read "books" instead of Boks, which is box in German i believe...
  11. Masturboy84

    Show your collection off!

    Wow, that's great. Could you show the inside of the books, please?
  12. Masturboy84

    clothing optional beach

    Ahh. I see... Thing is, there's a chance i could eventually go to a nudist beach later this year... So i don't know, is this a relevant comment?
  13. Masturboy84

    clothing optional beach

    Is this a new thread? I swear i read something similar some months ago in these very same forums... Or maybe i can see the future without realizing?
  14. Masturboy84

    I wish I could draw

    They're not that bad in my opinion. Actually i believe they're kind of cute. Perhaps you should try creating your own graphic world with characters of your own, under such premise people (including you) would be forced to judge your work as a whole by its own merits and not the likeness regarding an external reference.