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  1. Here is my first fan fiction character that I made.  Please note that this is not my work, but based on designs from

    Name: Summer Blossom
    Likes: summer, flowers, school, helping others

    Dislikes: bullies, fake friends, negativity in general

    Personality: Smart, Cheerful, Depressed at times, Socially Awkward (somewhat), very kind, caring, shy, loyal

    Mom: Sunny Belle

    Dad: Skyward Sun

    Fears: disappointing anyone

    Birthday: August 27

    Age: 16

    Quote: “I hope not to be a burden.”



    Summer Blossom grew up with her parents in a small town. She was loved by everyone around her. But all that changed when she moved to the city and started to go to Canterlot High. She lost a lot of everything she had back in her old home. She was teased and bullied by some of the mean girls for being too shy. It had gotten to the point as to she had thought of hurting herself but she realized that if she did hurt self that it would disappoint her parents and her friends and she didn't want that; so she found and soon enough, made friends with Apple Gem, Harmonic Chord, Midnight Star, Sapphire Heart, and Spunky Sport. Her new friends realized that she was a rare person; she cared more about her friends than herself.  Nowadays, while she is still a little shy, she is loyal to a fault and will do anything to help and protect her friends.