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  1. Disclaimer: I did not create this artwork.  The art was made from designs by



    Name: Apple Gem

    Likes: Makeup, Popularity Status at School, Shopping

    Dislikes: Dirty objects, Teasing

    Personality: Vain (to some degree), Somewhat worrisome, Spiteful (at first), Girly, Helpful

    Mom: Silver Fire

    Dad: Jonagold

    Fears: Ugliness (inside and out), Unpopularity (to an extent)

    Birthday: June 11

    Age: 15

    Quote: “Having real friends is way better than popularity.”



    A younger cousin to CHS alumnus Applejack, Apple Gem is one of the prettiest girls at Canterlot High.  She just loves to show off everything she’s got, from the clothes she wears to her fabulous mansion that she lives in with her mother, but in secret, she longs for real friends who care for her, and truly like her for her personality, not for how she looks or what she has. Having been friends with Crown Jewel, she used to think that she was above the others, but deep down, she has a heart of gold, and will help anyone, even if it means she loses her social status.