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  1. Disclaimer: I did not create this artwork.  The art was made from designs by


    Here is my third EQG main OC.  I hope you like her.


    Name: Spunky Sport

    Likes: Outdoor activities

    Dislikes: Rainy days, Boredom, Losing touch with her schedule

    Personality: Cheery, Enthusiastic. Mostly Positive, Competitive, Brave, Somewhat stubborn, Tomboyish

    Mom: Juicy Dasher

    Dad: Solar Sprint

    Fear: Not being good enough in sports

    Birthday: October 10

    Age: 16




    Spunky Sport comes from a very health conscious family.  Her father was a fast sprinter in track and field and her mother was a trainer for the famous athlete Speed Fiend.  So, many outdoor activities and sports are like second nature to her. Spunky usually lets her actions speak louder than her words, although sometimes she can be a little bit stubborn and thick headed about certain things.  While she has her faults, she can get very excited over anything and everything.