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  1. Here we go with the other three characters I made for my fanfic.


    Disclaimer: I did not create this artwork.  The art was made from designs by

    Name: Harmonic Chord

    Likes: Rock Music, Songwriting

    Dislikes: Music that doesn’t appeal to her

    Personality: Easy Going, Obnoxious, Obsessive

    Mom: Excellent Perfection (step mom) (real mom unknown)

    Dad: Lead Harmony

    Fears: Being in the Spotlight

    Birthday: May 25

    Age: 15

    When your father is a somewhat famous musician, it’s hard not to get into it as well.  That’s what happened to Harmonic Chord, when she and her father, Lead Harmony, moved away from her stepmother, Excellent Perfection, who wanted her to go to a proper school, and become a secretary instead of following in her dad’s footsteps.  She helps her dad with his music career, but doesn’t want to be onstage, because of her fear of maybe being put in the spotlight.  Otherwise, her music is her ultimate way of expressing herself.  Will she get over her fear of being in the spotlight?  Only time will tell.




    Name: Midnight Star (formerly Glowing Aura)

    Likes: Dark stuff

    Dislikes: Frilly things, Being popular, her birth parents

    Personality: Brooding, Dark, Defensive, Honest, Has anger issues

    Mom: Gloomy Heart (adopted mother)

    Dad: Wrathful Dark (adopted father)

    Fear: Being noticed by someone

    Birthday: March 15

    Age: 17



    Life wasn’t easy for Glowing Aura.  She was raised by parents who didn’t care for her or had a lot of money, so they sent her to an orphanage when she was only five years old.  Feeling like her parents had really given up on her, she became a very broken girl, with dark thoughts entering her mind.  It got worse when she was adopted by two Goth-like people, Gloomy Heart and Wrathful Dark.  They renamed her Midnight Star and she lived with them for years in dark places all around the city.  She doesn’t like people noticing her being upset and brooding all the time, so she usually just yells at them to leave her alone.  But, deep down, she wants to have some friends who aren’t pictures of evil creatures that she reveres and calls her “true friends.”




    And finally...


    Name: Sapphire Heart

    Likes: positive people, helping others (mostly solving personal problems), gaming

    Dislikes: negative people, disappointing others, making others problems worse, and failure  

    Personality: Loyal to a fault, great leader, and shy to people she doesn't know

    Mom: September Breeze

    Dad: Ruby Love

    Fear: disappointing anyone, losing trust in everyone

    Birthday: September 16

    Age: 15


    Bio: Sapphire Heart grew up with her parents, usually locked in her room while using her computer looking for others to chat with or play online games. It was a real problem, so her parents decided to send her to school at Canterlot High after many years of homeschooling.  She didn’t adjust very well, and the students called her a big nerd.  So, she tried to make some friends, but they were creeped out by her use of hashtags, gamer lingo, and emoticons in her way of speaking.  Although she is still socially awkward, she is very outspoken and will try to do whatever she can to help others with their problems.

    I want to thank a fellow DeviantArt user and fellow Brony/Pegasister bluerose080 for helping me create the concept for this character.



    So, what do you think about them all?  I look forward to your comments.  Thank you.