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  1. Hey everyone,  I have a few things to say.  First, the EQG OC story I have been thinking of has been canceled.  Second, to take that story's place, I have been thinking about a story featuring Equestria Girls Lyra and Bon Bon.  For this I need an honest opinion about the plot I have in mind.  The story is called "A Tickling, the Aftermath, and New Opportunities."  The story is that one day, while at Bon Bon's house, Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon go crazy with a tickling game, and after a while, it breaks out into something both of the girls didn't expect. What happens next will surely change the way they look each other.  I hope to see your opinions and how it would be what you want to see, and the rating it should have  I will tell you that it's based on images I found on DeviantArt.



  2. I can't find the off topic section on this forum.  I have a big announcement to make.  If you can do this, I really need it.  Thank you,

    1. AaronMk


      Pony Free Posts, all the way down in the bottom in the section called The Hive.

    2. BlastWave


      Is that for fan fiction ideas too, because I have one in mind.  I just need to know where it is.

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      Then you'd want Crystal Empire Library, in the general MLP section.

  3. Hey, I am now making analysis posts on my tumblr page!  Please visit for more.

  4. Here we go with the other three characters I made for my fanfic.


    Disclaimer: I did not create this artwork.  The art was made from designs by

    Name: Harmonic Chord

    Likes: Rock Music, Songwriting

    Dislikes: Music that doesn’t appeal to her

    Personality: Easy Going, Obnoxious, Obsessive

    Mom: Excellent Perfection (step mom) (real mom unknown)

    Dad: Lead Harmony

    Fears: Being in the Spotlight

    Birthday: May 25

    Age: 15

    When your father is a somewhat famous musician, it’s hard not to get into it as well.  That’s what happened to Harmonic Chord, when she and her father, Lead Harmony, moved away from her stepmother, Excellent Perfection, who wanted her to go to a proper school, and become a secretary instead of following in her dad’s footsteps.  She helps her dad with his music career, but doesn’t want to be onstage, because of her fear of maybe being put in the spotlight.  Otherwise, her music is her ultimate way of expressing herself.  Will she get over her fear of being in the spotlight?  Only time will tell.




    Name: Midnight Star (formerly Glowing Aura)

    Likes: Dark stuff

    Dislikes: Frilly things, Being popular, her birth parents

    Personality: Brooding, Dark, Defensive, Honest, Has anger issues

    Mom: Gloomy Heart (adopted mother)

    Dad: Wrathful Dark (adopted father)

    Fear: Being noticed by someone

    Birthday: March 15

    Age: 17



    Life wasn’t easy for Glowing Aura.  She was raised by parents who didn’t care for her or had a lot of money, so they sent her to an orphanage when she was only five years old.  Feeling like her parents had really given up on her, she became a very broken girl, with dark thoughts entering her mind.  It got worse when she was adopted by two Goth-like people, Gloomy Heart and Wrathful Dark.  They renamed her Midnight Star and she lived with them for years in dark places all around the city.  She doesn’t like people noticing her being upset and brooding all the time, so she usually just yells at them to leave her alone.  But, deep down, she wants to have some friends who aren’t pictures of evil creatures that she reveres and calls her “true friends.”




    And finally...


    Name: Sapphire Heart

    Likes: positive people, helping others (mostly solving personal problems), gaming

    Dislikes: negative people, disappointing others, making others problems worse, and failure  

    Personality: Loyal to a fault, great leader, and shy to people she doesn't know

    Mom: September Breeze

    Dad: Ruby Love

    Fear: disappointing anyone, losing trust in everyone

    Birthday: September 16

    Age: 15


    Bio: Sapphire Heart grew up with her parents, usually locked in her room while using her computer looking for others to chat with or play online games. It was a real problem, so her parents decided to send her to school at Canterlot High after many years of homeschooling.  She didn’t adjust very well, and the students called her a big nerd.  So, she tried to make some friends, but they were creeped out by her use of hashtags, gamer lingo, and emoticons in her way of speaking.  Although she is still socially awkward, she is very outspoken and will try to do whatever she can to help others with their problems.

    I want to thank a fellow DeviantArt user and fellow Brony/Pegasister bluerose080 for helping me create the concept for this character.



    So, what do you think about them all?  I look forward to your comments.  Thank you.


  5. Disclaimer: I did not create this artwork.  The art was made from designs by


    Here is my third EQG main OC.  I hope you like her.


    Name: Spunky Sport

    Likes: Outdoor activities

    Dislikes: Rainy days, Boredom, Losing touch with her schedule

    Personality: Cheery, Enthusiastic. Mostly Positive, Competitive, Brave, Somewhat stubborn, Tomboyish

    Mom: Juicy Dasher

    Dad: Solar Sprint

    Fear: Not being good enough in sports

    Birthday: October 10

    Age: 16




    Spunky Sport comes from a very health conscious family.  Her father was a fast sprinter in track and field and her mother was a trainer for the famous athlete Speed Fiend.  So, many outdoor activities and sports are like second nature to her. Spunky usually lets her actions speak louder than her words, although sometimes she can be a little bit stubborn and thick headed about certain things.  While she has her faults, she can get very excited over anything and everything.


  6. Disclaimer: I did not create this artwork.  The art was made from designs by



    Name: Apple Gem

    Likes: Makeup, Popularity Status at School, Shopping

    Dislikes: Dirty objects, Teasing

    Personality: Vain (to some degree), Somewhat worrisome, Spiteful (at first), Girly, Helpful

    Mom: Silver Fire

    Dad: Jonagold

    Fears: Ugliness (inside and out), Unpopularity (to an extent)

    Birthday: June 11

    Age: 15

    Quote: “Having real friends is way better than popularity.”



    A younger cousin to CHS alumnus Applejack, Apple Gem is one of the prettiest girls at Canterlot High.  She just loves to show off everything she’s got, from the clothes she wears to her fabulous mansion that she lives in with her mother, but in secret, she longs for real friends who care for her, and truly like her for her personality, not for how she looks or what she has. Having been friends with Crown Jewel, she used to think that she was above the others, but deep down, she has a heart of gold, and will help anyone, even if it means she loses her social status.


  7. Here is my first fan fiction character that I made.  Please note that this is not my work, but based on designs from

    Name: Summer Blossom
    Likes: summer, flowers, school, helping others

    Dislikes: bullies, fake friends, negativity in general

    Personality: Smart, Cheerful, Depressed at times, Socially Awkward (somewhat), very kind, caring, shy, loyal

    Mom: Sunny Belle

    Dad: Skyward Sun

    Fears: disappointing anyone

    Birthday: August 27

    Age: 16

    Quote: “I hope not to be a burden.”



    Summer Blossom grew up with her parents in a small town. She was loved by everyone around her. But all that changed when she moved to the city and started to go to Canterlot High. She lost a lot of everything she had back in her old home. She was teased and bullied by some of the mean girls for being too shy. It had gotten to the point as to she had thought of hurting herself but she realized that if she did hurt self that it would disappoint her parents and her friends and she didn't want that; so she found and soon enough, made friends with Apple Gem, Harmonic Chord, Midnight Star, Sapphire Heart, and Spunky Sport. Her new friends realized that she was a rare person; she cared more about her friends than herself.  Nowadays, while she is still a little shy, she is loyal to a fault and will do anything to help and protect her friends.


  8. Is it wrong to make characters from dress-up sites, like

    1. lilcipher


      I used the Fabulous Pony Creator to help get an idea of what my OCs will look like. It's a great dress-up style game, and it's the official Hasbro/MLPFIM game. It used to be on MLP's Facebook page before it got taken down, I believe, but someone copied the game to a T and posted it on Doll Divine.

    2. BlastWave


      I use for my EQG custom characters.  I'll show them on the forum eventually.

  9. Hey, I've been wondering ever since I got here about how do you put add pictures onto the forum. An explanation would be nice.
  10. I hope people will like my story that I am writing.

    1. Revanche


      You're writing a story? What's it about?

    2. BlastWave


      It's set in the EQG world, with a new cast of characters, set after the events of the movie series.  I have already made the main six characters, the antagonist, and her accomplice. 

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    How to post pictures

    You mean like from a website?
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    Show me your OC!

    Hey, do you mind if I show you my EQG characters? And does it count if I made them from sites like, because I'm not that good of an artist.
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    New user

    Hello, I am BlastWave, and I have been a brony since 2013. I love all aspects of the show from the comics to the Equestria Girl movies. I hope not to cause trouble and be welcomed warmly. Thank you and God Bless.
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    Fun Roleplay, OCs ONLY!!!!

    Where will the RPG be set in? I have four characters made for Role play. Three are from the Equestria Girl world, and one is a pony character I made long ago.
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    Roleplay 101

    Hey, can we make characters for the EQG world, or do we stick with the races from Equestria?
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    MLP RP!

    Where will your RPG be set in? The Pony world or EQG?
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    Traditional Role-Play (Interest/recruitment)

    What series is it in? EQG? Main show or something else? And will we be able to use OCs?