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  1. Metal Gear Pony

    Which comic artist is your favorite?

    Same. I like the way it works for both cuteness and as RD would say "radicalness".
  2. Metal Gear Pony

    Which comic artist is your favorite?

    Personally I like Andy Price the best. his style is good for making ponies look cute but also allows for some really dramatic shading. I also like how it feels distinct from the show. For covers though, I always try to get Sara Richard's covers. her water color style is just the best.
  3. Metal Gear Pony

    What's your faviroute pokemon?

    Favorite design: Doduo Favorite to battle with (non legendary): Snorlax Favorite legendary to battle with: Genesect Cutest: Eevee Most badass looking: Rayquaza Most desirable to have if they were real: Jirachi
  4. Metal Gear Pony

    Rayman Legends

    Bought it for the wii u to play with friends when they come over. Pretty fun game.
  5. Metal Gear Pony

    Does anyone here still play?

    I do. Sometimes on pony servers.
  6. Would equestria girls Twilight (sci twi) be an alicorn if she went through the mirror to Equestria? Would she take on a form that resembles her trans-dimensional Equestrian counterpart, or would she appear as a unicorn seeing as how she was never a pony to begin with. Maybe she could preform some act in the human world that would make her an alicorn if she went to the other side of the mirror? As this is purely theoretical and will likely never happen in the canon, discuss!
  7. Metal Gear Pony

    What is your favorite Final Fantasy game?

    I've only played 1,7,8,13, and 15, but I bet 6 would be my favorite if I played it. I want to play 9 and 10 after playing 6. The best I've played so far for story: is 7, best gameplay: 15 best music: 13 (that's the one of only nice things I have to say about ffxiii), best art direction: 1 (the original concept art is awesome), and best overall: 8. I really should play ffvi.
  8. Metal Gear Pony

    LFG - Overwatch [PC]

  9. Metal Gear Pony

    HI, I'm Ali and Im a brony chick

    Welcome to dah forums. Where you can talk about magical friendship horsies and everyone else knows what the heck you're talking about.
  10. Metal Gear Pony

    Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree

    I thought timber's flirting was a little creepy. He definitely is more flirtatious than Flash Sentry. I don't ship, but I will say that Sunset and Flash are a cute couple. There are going to be a ton of timberlight/twimber ships in the fandom now.
  11. Metal Gear Pony

    Wish List - Fallout 4 mod

    IDK about fallout 4, but there used to be a twilcane mod in fallout new vegas. It got removed from nexus mods. does anyone still know where I can download it?
  12. Metal Gear Pony

    Video Game Music Thread

    This game is criminally underrated
  13. Metal Gear Pony

    Final Fantasy XV

    Also someone needs to make some mlp ffXV cross over art.
  14. Metal Gear Pony

    Final Fantasy XV

    I would be hyped for this game is it were coming to pc or wii u. The latter is for sure not happening, but pc is a possibility. I'm not willing to drop the cash on a ps4 or xbox one just to play ffxv, which is why I hope it will come to pc. Knowing final fantasy in the past, they usually are released on pc a little after the console versions (except ffXIV ARR which came out on pc before the ps4).