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    If you really think Rarity is a b@tch and her clichéd traits completely overshadow her good qualities and depth and development, why don't you just kick her down now and leave for dead? Why doesn't everyone get rid of her now so you all have one less annoyance in your life to put up with? Admit it. You all know in your heart of hearts that she's more of a complete b@tch and her good traits are nothing.
  2. Season 6 is objectively the worst! Big Jim, McCarthy, Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, Ashleigh Ball, Tabitha St. Germain and all the show staff deserve to be fired! I can write MLP far better than anyone ever can! I can make it even more superior than Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones! Those are a few of the things I keep seeing everywhere. Is the fandom really right about these things I mentioned and everything else? I'm sick of bronies now because they think they own everything and are the judge of what I watch.
  3. I don't have high criteria. I'm just a casual watcher, period! But then everyone else I meet is so outspoken that I clog up with anxiety just by reading their opinions. And why do they even blame the staff? Huh? I was perfectly happy watching the show when I never heard about Equestria Daily before but after years there, I already feel rotten. I want to give those haters a piece of my mind asking why they even say that the show is going to hell. If you ask me, maybe I never should interacted with bronies at all. Maybe it was best I never heard about their existence at all. Unless the next show material is generally positive, I'll never be at peace and I might never watch MLP again due to all these spitting.
  4. Ok I hear you. Now how about you apply what you said and what I said to all the negative reception that, say, the SG episode are getting, especially with the preview of every little thing she does. Would that case still apply to me not caring about anyone else telling me how I should think about the show?
  5. Well how about a worst case scenario where the "fans"literally take up arms and start a bloodbath against the staff because every single last expectation was never met? And I should reiterate my point of thinking I"m wrong for liking the show for this or that, I don't want to analyze this show at all because all it does is give me a splitting headache All I want s just to see the characters do this or that and just sit quietly how it all unfolds, that's it! I won't say anything else after that! I don't give a * about who gets screentime, who is most hated or liked, or if Newbie Dash or MMDW or whatever is 1000% hated or if redemptions/reformations are rushed or anything else is rushed. or if a character did something questionable. But since this fandom has nothing but jerks and idiots, I feel like I'm living in a dictatorship. That's all it ever will be from this point on until the show really ends. It's like the show has done the absolute opposite of what it was meant to do in 2010 up till now. This is isn't a show about friendship anymore. It's just a medium to stir up more hate among everybody. Now I'm already thinking that there is nothing relatable about the characters or stories, because MLPFIM was already a piece of * since its inception! To me the fans are like authorities and these professional writers are (I've been made to think) conmen or brainless lumps of mass who really deserve to be booted. I feel like I should only listen to the fans because they always seem like they have god-level knowledge about what's right or wrong and that the writers are clearly evil people who never cared about us. It's like they, the voice actresses and staff never cared about us at all. I don't care anymore if your or the fandom's or staff's or company's "friendship or optimism" theme actually does save someone's life because I can never forgive everyone for the things that they've done to me.
  6. I'm aware that this is my fault when I say that everyone I meet on EQdaily and MLPforums is already the entire fanbase and that their word is law for the lesser. I haven't watched anything since AJ Day's off because I blame everyone else for their opinions that made me not enjoy the show the way I want to. I'm swayed to believe that the loud ones are always correct and that quiet ones like me are weak and always wrong. For example, everyone wants Starlight dead because of her powers or that she still uses questionable methods to accomplish something now. You know what? If everyone wants a character truly literally dead, or written out then why aren't the writers going to make it actually happen? And even if they (writers) didn't and explain why, why do the "fans" blame them continuously? If you ask me, the extremely bad situation would be if the fans actually orchestrated a sort of violent stirrup and wanted to really harm the staff because they ("fans") weren't appeased. I'm sick of everyone being vocal about everything. In my book to be vocal is to be a troublemaker and to risk getting beaten up. Why can't every pony website be shut down for 24 hours so I won't have to listen to their venom? Why can't everyone just shut up for once in their life? None of this drama or any drama at all would exist if they just keep silent. It's just that simple.
  7. Well either way, I suggest you devote some time and see what I mean with those 2 sites. And I don't know what FiG is
  8. Why don't you look carefully at the topics on MLPForum, or the comments on EQDaily? I suggest you look very carefully, because it's too much for me too explain in a short period of time
  9. As said, do they really deserve to be sacked? As in really (times infinity), truly fired on the spot? All because of stupid trivialities you hate? Not showing a character the way you see it? Not giving them screentime they deserve? Because they themselves or that you hate the character/s? Because they have a hard time with characterization? That you want this character to truly die? Because the story of the episode didn't turn out the way you expected? That they couldn't match god-tier writing that I'm not so aware of? That they couldn't make characters use common sense and do things that would instantly resolve conflicts? Is this what you want to happen to them: Make them lose their jobs, their credibility, and their self-efficacy at it? Huh? Is that what you want? To make them suffer and have difficulty spending years or decades trying to find a new niche in life? Humiliate them? Laugh and spit at their faces? Make them cry? Throw mud and rocks and objects at them till they bleed? Kick them while they're down? Because it seems to me that you want it to be that way. What every brony wants to happen.
  10. Been a while. But there's also something I have to call out on. I feel that after I said my dislikes towards anything regarding MLP, I realize they may have been too general. When I get down to the specifics, such as why I like this particular episode, you all will suddenly do an about-face from supportive to being feral on me. I don't want to analyze this show regarding characters, plot, or what not, but I feel forced to do so because I feel like I'm coerced into agreeing that the episodes are factually horrible. Bronies would think that those who don't analyze at all are mindless drones. I hate analyzing any media such as Star Wars or TMNT or whatever because I'm just a casual. I also feel so heavy hearted around MLP forums as well because of their opinions on the future of the show as well. I just need to express what comes on my mind firsthand.
  11. At this point I realize I'm already missing a lot. I want to go back but I feel unwelcome, especially from what I see on the comments on Equestria daily. I feel like I should forget about MLP entirely when I don't want to.
  12. Just look at EQD! For me it's already a hellhole with comments about wanting characters dead like M6, or SPike or Starlight or what not. Are we really going to end the show on a miserable tone? (if there is no s7)
  13. From that, I feel like I can't enjoy any tv show or movie anymore because it's imperfect. When did I ever say I'm imposing my views? I'm trying to vent out my frustrations. Well I still feel forced to agree with others' opinions even though I don't at all and I don't want to be told I'm wrong. I always feel like there's someone invisible holding me at gunpoint right behind me.
  14. I'm telling you I can't take it anymore. I'm already hurt with all this Season 6 hate. How am I supposed to enjoy Season 6 when I'm already beaten down by too much negativity? I have chest pains and I sometimes feel like self-harming because of all the hate when I'm trying to enjoy it in peace and all by myself.