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    Best season

    Season 7, some of the best episodes came out of S7, with Perfect Pear, Parental Glideance, and Once Upon a Zeppelin being top 10 material. It came with lots of heavy hitters, great character and world building, and it was definitely what I needed after being let down by S6 Sleepless In Ponyville, Wonderbolts Academy and Best Night Ever Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, AJ, and Scootaloo, usually in that order
  2. Megas75

    best and worst of creepypastas

    I always liked the Haunted Majora's Mask creepypasta a lot Sonic.exe is a piece of poopoo
  3. Megas75

    Celebrity guest stars.

    Peter Cullen or bust
  4. Megas75

    Hiatus Plans

    Playing games, building Gundams, this 3 week hiatus is gonna be brutal
  5. Some would argue things like the CMC getting their Cutie Marks, Rarity expanding her business, RD becoming a wonderbolt, went on longer than they should have, though the former two ended up having satisfying climaxes to their character arcs. I'd agree though that instances like Glimmerdemption and Twilicorn were rushed, though those were do to odd circumstances(In Twilicorn's case it was a combination of MMC being short and the writers not anticipating the show lasting past S3, and in Starlight's case, them not knowing what to do with her in S6), but as time went on they eventually got those things to work. By the end of it all it's clear they wanted most of these to work. Newbie Dash is probably the only instance of the writers not giving a shit
  6. Played both of them, and I love them both and are easily top games of the year. But if I had to pick one. BOTW barely beats Horizon, but that's mostly because I'm kinda biased for Zelda
  7. Megas75

    Season 7, Episode 23: Secrets and Pies

    Really surprised how much I enjoyed this one, considering I was expecting this to be a disaster of "28 Pranks Later" level proportions
  8. Megas75

    best and worst of movies

    Nah, I loved all the movies I've seen so far....which is a whopping 4 My Little Pony - 8/10 Kingsmen the Golden Circle - 8/10 Power Rangers - 7/10 Spiderman Homecoming - 9.5/10
  9. Megas75

    Favorite MLP References?

    This and the MGS reference
  10. Megas75

    Post Your Pony Collection

    Not listed - A RD Plushie, a RD McDonalds toy, and a Twilight blindbag So yeah, I'm lacking in the toy department, but damn the minis are great
  11. Megas75

    The Final Leak, All Episodes Are Out

    Only seen Secrets and Pies, because that was an episode I've been dreading since it was announced
  12. Just reminding everyone what the best Transformers show is

    1. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      It's an awesome opening theme, and JAM Project is always amazing, but Transformers Animated tis not the best Transformers series ever. As for the answer to the best Transformers show, this quote says it all:


      "Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly; my evil deeds, along with the good, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest... is silence."

      - Dinobot

  13. Megas75

    More G3 characters coming back in S7?

  14. Megas75

    This Post Is Overrated/Underrated

    Overrated - I always found Killzone to be a really mediocre and generic shooter franchise that's really just really boring to play that Sony only made to compete with Halo and just couldn't do it, I don't know why Sony really likes to push it. I'm really glad Guerrilla decided to do something different with Horizon Zero Dawn which I actually thought was great Underrated - Crismon Skies, Microsoft has a real gem here and while I'm glad they're giving it another release on XBox One soon with BC, I really wish they'd give the series another go
  15. I don't know any anime I've seen that I can say is obscure, most of the stuff I like tend to be well regarded, or at least fairly well known among weebs
  16. Megas75

    Cartoons you like better than MLP.

    Megas XLR, Gurren Lagann, and King of the Hill
  17. Megas75

    Preview for Once Upon a Zeppelin.

    This is one of my most hyped episodes for the season so I'm hoping it's a good one
  18. Megas75

    Xbox is the best console now in my view

    Honestly at this point your better off getting a PC(or PS4 if you just want consoles). Microsoft's games are nowhere near as interesting as Sony's or Nintendo's not to mention they're all coming to PC anyways, which already has tons of interesting games on their own, among other things
  19. Megas75

    Things in media that scared you as a kid.

    Fuck Angelica's Baby Brother
  20. Megas75

    hardest bosses

    The guy who said SNK Bosses already shared my answer for me
  21. >Treilers Also, I've seen the original MLP movie It is such a boring slog to sit through with really bad songs sung by people who shouldn't sing. It is the definition of a glorified TV episode The only noteworthy thing about it is the Smooze
  22. Season 6 is spotty as fuck, and has some of the worst episodes in the show, but there are tons of gems worth watching - Saddle Row Hearth's Warming Tail Stranger Than Fanfiction Times Are A Changeling Dungeons And Discords Fault In Our Cutie Marks Buckball Season Viva Las Pegasus Where the Apple Lies Top Bolt Also, for the love of god avoid Newbie Dash. I don't care if it's important, you'll save yourself a lot of pain and heartbreak if you never watch it Season 7 is much more consistent, and a lot higher in quality and has some new classics for the show, the best of the best though - Celestial Advice All Bottled Up A Flurry Of Emotions Parental Glideance A Royal Problem Discordant Harmony A Perfect Pear Fame And Misfortune Campfire Tales Not the Mane Thing About You I still have to see Marks and Recreations and A Health of Information, but I've heard a lot of good things about those