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  1. Victor_Viper

    Season 7, Episode 14: Fame and Misfortune

    As soon as the song started, I immediately thought of "Battle!" from Rainbow Rocks. I had to realize it was the Mane Six singing, and not the Dazzlings. Also, Larson strikes again with his meta humor aimed directly at the fandom, this time in a more "Guys, chill for a bit" light. My roommates and I were laughing it up watching this episode.
  2. These do honestly sound like great ideas... for a TV series. I know that was bandied about back in the day that Hasbro wanted to make this verse into its own show, and I'd be more than happy if they did that. These sound like great ideas to make episodes out of. Can do more modern-day, real world relevant stories with tech and events the target audience (as well as parents) can extremely easily relate to. Magic wouldn't even have to be the focus. It could even just be the occasional "Oh, hey! A magical thing just happened! How do we deal with it in our modern society?" story to shake things up.
  3. My friends and I went to the theatrical release of the first EqG movie, and I was hyped. Been a fan of the EqG-verse ever since. Totally looking forward to Legend of Everfree.
  4. Victor_Viper

    Gamer tags

    Sup. Steam: Victor_Viper Origin: shadowfalcon76 VictorViper#1169 (mainly Overwatch, but some Diablo 3 or StarCraft 2 is ok sometimes; don't expect me to be any good at the last one, though) PSN: Victor_Viper NNID: shadowfalcon76 XBL: Victor_Viper (defunct as hell, as I haven't played my 360 in forever, and I never bothered to get an XB1)
  5. Victor_Viper

    S6 - Episode 17 - Discussion

    Discord in a Zoot Suit killed me. Also, all that pseudo product placement for Dungeons and Dragons. I'd play that campaign setting!
  6. Victor_Viper

    Overwatch:The Thread:The Game

    Added BTs that were here. I'm Victorviper#1169. Been playing OW since the beta, and was enamored with it ever since. I play just bout any role, depending on circumstances. On offense, I'm usually Genji, McCree, or Pharah, with the occasional dip into Reaper, Soldier, and Tracer. On defense, I much prefer playing as Hanzo (reminds me of Elder Scrolls; virtually ALL of my ES characters become some sort of master archers), then Widowmaker, then Torbjorn if I'm feeling lazy/experimental. For tanks, I'm either D.Va or Zarya, full stop. I'm just not down with any of the others. Reinhardt just feels too clunky, and the rest, meh, I'm just not down with their gameplay for some reason (even though Winston is a mobile tank, which seems to be the theme of my hero selection). Finally, on support, I prefer Lucio overall, with a solid foray into Zenyatta land for a change of pace. Not really good with Mercy, and I tried Ana, but can't seem to get her gameplay down just yet. Symmetra is cool and all, but seems more defense-like than a support, and can really be knocked out of viability really fast. I'm down for games! Just hit me up in game. I usually work nights, so there's that time constraint, but other than that, i'm good for most anything!
  7. Victor_Viper


    Yeah, I keep forgetting I made an account on Roll20. My friends and I were looking for an online solution since we all live fairly far away from each other (while still being in the same set of cities next to each other; yeah, the D/FW Metroplex is that big), and we came to Roll20. Never ended up using it, and I never got around to looking more into it, but from what I saw in the tutorial, it looks good. just didn't have anyone else to play with it in.
  8. Victor_Viper

    Post yer desktops

    I rotate my WP a lot. I have it on automatic shuffle I have so many.
  9. Victor_Viper


    LOL I saw the avatar and I was like "Hey, isn't that...!" Nice to see you on the boards here. You might remember me as shadowfalcon76 on other boards (like FimFic). I believe I've even met you at Nightmare Nights several times! I thoroughly enjoyed the Griffons of Everglow splat, and enjoyed reading your stories on FimFic. I like to think of those as the fluff most devs put into their books to flesh out the world, or bonus content found online. I especially like the dramatic irony of RD losing her wing years before the show did it. I saw that and immediately thought back to your story lol. As for Pathfinder, I got the books way back when, but never got a chance to play it. While I would love to find people to play Ponyfinder with, it's kinda a niche atm for me, especially being a night shift worker as I am.
  10. Victor_Viper

    S6 - Episode 17 - Discussion

    I spent a good amount of time chuckling once the D&D cliches started rolling in. This is one episode that got a critical hit!
  11. Victor_Viper

    Important thing happening behind the scenes in the show

    Certainly does seem like they're building up to something on the down low. We're seeing a lot of interaction with other nations taking place off screen. It does make the world seem more alive and non-static, but could this all be just a red herring, or actually leading up to something?
  12. Greetings everyone. The name's Vic. Been around for a while, some might know me as shadowfalcon76 from a long while ago. Finally glad EqD decided to get around to doing forums. I've always wanted one for here. Good stuff. Been a fan of the show since around mid 2011 (yeah, long ago), and haven't hopped off the ride since. My favorite pony's Pinkie Pie , Spike doesn't get enough love , and (incoming minority opinion here) the Equestria Girls movies totally need their own series, cuz I love them and think they're awesome . That just about sums that up. Oh! Yeah, I'm a gamer. PC, console, handheld, cards (especially the MLP CCG and Pokemon), board, PnP RPGs, you name it! Games have pretty much been a part of my life since forever.
  13. Victor_Viper

    LFG - Overwatch [PC]

    Hello everypony! As the title says, I'm always looking for more friends to play with on Overwatch. As fun as the game is solo, I've always enjoyed team-based games much more when I actually have a team to play with! I play on PC, and primarily play either in the mornings CST or afternoons (mainly because I work at night). As for the heroes I usually roll with, I like to play Genji, McCree, and Pharah on Offense, Hanzo on Defense, D.Va and Zarya on Tank, and Lucio and Zenyatta on Support. I'm usually down to try other heroes, but the listed ones are the ones I like the best. At any rate, my Blizzard name is VictorViper#1169. Feel free to drop a message here and/or add me in game! Hope to see some fellow pony heroes on the battlefields!