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  1. Lunar-White-Wolf

    Would you drop everything and be a pony?!

    I'd love to become a pony! Especially an unicorn. I would miss my family, but life in Equestria must be so awesome!
  2. Lunar-White-Wolf

    Do you like Sunset Shimmer?

    I really like Sunset, she's my favorite character from Equestria girls! It's interesting to see how much she has changed over the movies,
  3. Lunar-White-Wolf

    Hello everypony!

    Thanks everyone ^^
  4. Lunar-White-Wolf

    Hello everypony!

    Hello, I'm Lunar-White-Wolf, a pegasister from France (I'm sorry if I make english mistakes). I joined the fandom in 2013, in september just before the season 4, so it's been a while since I'm into ponies ^^ My favorite ponies are Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon, they're so awesome! I also really like Fluttershy because I can relate to her, we're both shy and we love animals. My OC is Purple Breeze, the mare on my avatar. I decided to join this forum because I read Equestria daily every day, and because I like chatting about MLP. I'm also on other forums (Like MLP forums) even if I'm not really active there. Actually, I don't really know if I'll be very active here, as I'm studying at high school and that it takes a lot of time, but I'll still come from time to time! As I already said I like animals, and I also love drawing! I post all my drawings on Deviantart. I also enjoy playing video games such as Minecraft or the sims 3. I think that's all If you want to talk with me via private messages, I really like chatting ^^