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  1. AnimatronicPony

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

    Oh look its that guy who made that playing with fire EP. Sad that you no longer like the fandom after issues with your past friends. I'm the guy who created this and it shows how to find artists that once made MLP but moved on to another alias. Anyway thanks for stopping by and best of luck to you.
  2. AnimatronicPony

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

    Sorry guys! I been rather busy as of late and couldn't keep up with this. Soon all of this will be updated just you wait.
  3. AnimatronicPony

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

    Hey the theme of the post is to post pony musician here which means I didn't forget you just added into the ongoing list of pony musicians, Thanks for your contribution I will add them on right away <3
  4. AnimatronicPony

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

  5. AnimatronicPony

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

    I have updated this list to the EXTREME. OVER 1,000 MUSICIANS HOLY CRAP!!!
  6. AnimatronicPony

    Music Swap Thread

    I am amazed this thing is still going! Suggestion: Oversurge - VisionsOfThePoet Likes: Idk really probably some synthwave 80's music.
  7. I'm going to miss you music of the day :/

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    2. Lord Seraph

      Lord Seraph

      I thought they got rid of the Spotlight Music approach.

      Not the MoTD.

    3. Misscellanio
    4. Lord Seraph
  8. AnimatronicPony

    What happened to Carrot Top?

    Carrot Top and the other background ponies probably aren't getting much love since the fan voice actors and musicians moved on from the fandom who gave her love and attention.
  9. AnimatronicPony

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

    You killed me xD
  10. AnimatronicPony

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

    I agree!
  11. AnimatronicPony

    Music Swap Thread

    Time to kiss up xD Unleash The Magic Remix by Direct Current Likes Dubstep and punk. I WANT SKA!
  12. AnimatronicPony

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

  13. AnimatronicPony

    Why did you come on EQD?

    I come to EQD to find good music and animations to serve my need.
  14. AnimatronicPony

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

    Good enough for me now let's hope this thingy gets popular xD