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  1. Kyoshi

    Xbox One Cast! App

    Not sure how many of you have seen this yet, but recently there was a new podcast app for the Xbox One that was released, simply called Cast! It is pretty awesome. It uses the background music feature from the Summer update and allows you to download any podcast and listen to it in the background while doing anything else on the system. I have already listened to a bunch of podcasts and before, I barely ever listened to any at all. XD Any of you have it? What are your thoughts? I think it is great, though it is clunky and a bit buggy right now. Hopefully with updates it will become more refined.
  2. Kyoshi

    Xbox One Summer Update

    The new update is pretty incredible I have to say. The new Games and Apps thing is perfection, so much better than before. The background music part is also really cool, especially for the new Cast! app. It seems Microsoft really knows what they are doing with these updates.
  3. Kyoshi

    Pony items removed from Xbox Live

    Nah, you are good. I bought a bunch of the stuff and I still have it all. So we are the lucky ones in that regard. I really hate the fact that the stuff is gone though. That stuff was just awesome! Probably some stupid fallout between Hasbro and other companies or whatever.
  4. Kyoshi

    Backwards Compatibility - What do you want?

    There are so many games that I want on BC that probably never will be there. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 1, 2 and 3 Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Enchanted Arms The Sims 3 The Elder Scrolls 4 Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection Sonic Adventure 2 Battlefield Bad Company Bulletstorm Bully GTA IV And so many others. Publisher really need to get on the ball with this. :c
  5. Hey there Jeric! ^_^

    1. Jeric


      What's up? Had to add you on here because there is no person I know that better reminds me that 'it's time for pizza!'

    2. Kyoshi


       Well shucks. I seem to do that a lot huh. XD And you the one that constantly reminds me how fab Rarity is. :3

  6. The first EqG was the first one for me. Saw it very shortly after it came out in theaters as it was leaked on YouTube. Watched it with a friend and that was that. Pretty unceremonious sure, but it was still a nice time. Had 'Helping Twilight Win the Crown' stuck in my head for weeks though. XD
  7. Kyoshi

    I have arrived!

    Thank you both for the welcome! ^-^ Place seems quite lively so far.
  8. Kyoshi

    Share Your Gamertags!

    I has an Xbox One and tons of games for it, though I will admit I am not the most social of gamers out there. You can add me though. ^__^ My GamerTag is: KyoshiiTheBrony Kyoshi has two i's in that.
  9. Kyoshi

    Battlefield 1 Premium now officially announced

    This is not terribly shocking to me, but it is weird how long it took to announce it. Kinda gave the impression they were not going to do that this year, but whatever. At least the game still looks really good. COD has been announcing its $50 season pass WITH the game announcement, I find that a lot worse.
  10. Kinda surprised it took this long for EQD to have a forum, but whazoo! I am here now! Gonna be interesting to see this forum evolve over time. Anyways, I am Kyoshi! I am a gamer pony that loves space and other things, and I make signatures form time to time. That is the general gist of me. :3