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    Why did you join the fandom?

    I discovered pony through Bionicle in a way. Late 2010 a bunch of people on a Bionicle forum started having pony avatars/signatures but I didn't think much of it at the time. Then said forum went down for maintenance, but I had a couple friends on Steam who were into it and one of them told me to watch it. It took a couple weeks of pestering and no Bionicle forum to keep me occupied anymore but in early 2011 I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about, so I opened up YouTube (remember the days when you could do that?) and watched the first episode, found it to be decent and then didn't continue. :v Was only until April that I continued because I was bored, watched all of what was available of Season 1 at the time and got hooked. So I guess I'm an oldie in the fandom? Eh, whatever. I stuck around because I made some good friends and it got me back into drawing which I had completely fallen out of after a horrendous time doing GCSE art a couple years prior.
  2. Terton

    Favorite Television Genre

    Robot Wars is my favourite genre.
  3. Terton


    Terton here. Saw that EqD created a forum so I thought I'd hop on board. Yeah, not really too good at introductions...
  4. Terton


    I hope one day I'll actually be able to afford to get myself a couple custom plushies.
  5. Terton

    Autotune pony is here

    Sup, welcome.
  6. Terton

    Why did you come on EQD?

    To keep up my horse addiction.
  7. Terton

    Itcheeee here

    Hey there.
  8. Terton

    You Can only talk with pictures

  9. Terton

    Fallout: Equestria!

    Oh geez, this just reminded me that I'm still only up to chapter 23 and have been since Feb last year... should probably get around to finishing reading it sometime. :v
  10. Terton

    The Banned Game

    Banned because I haven't played one of these ban games in a long time so congrats on being my first victim in over 2 years.
  11. Terton

    Thoughts on Spike.

    This is almost word for word the exact same thread you made on Multiverse, so I'll just copy-paste my response from there too! :v Though of course, there's been quite a few episodes with him since we made those posts back in June last year, and they've done pretty well with him I'd say. Especially in last week's episode. And hell, this week's episode too. Still want me some more dragon heritage though.
  12. Terton

    Show me your OC!

    Maybe when I've got them all designed properly I'll get back to you on that and do a massive OC art post. :v
  13. Terton

    What kind of Pony stuff do you do?

    Horse art. Lots of horse art.
  14. Terton


    Cheers for the welcome, you guys.
  15. First one. Only got to watch it like 5 months after it came out though because I had a dead computer all summer 2013. :v
  16. Terton

    Bat Ponies

    Bat pones are pretty cool. I need to make more bat OCs myself, only have 5 right now. In fact, here's one of my bats: