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  1. Rothstein

    A weird idea i awlays wanted to do...

    Absolutely no one will be willing to help with your project if you're unwilling to state what it even is. Also, do consider closely, that no one will help you if you do not put in a good amount of effort first. You can't just say "I want to do x" and expect a load of artists and such to flock to you to do your idea for you. YOU have to take lead on your idea and YOU need to put the most effort in before others come into play.
  2. Rothstein

    Season 7 Confirmed

    I don't understand why it would get released on Netflix all at once anyway. I mean, yeah sure that's what usually happens. But then most shows that appear on Netflixs have already aired. If a future season did premiere on Netflixs, it'd make more sense to continue releasing an episode a week. You release it all at once, i'm paying for 1 months worth of Netflixs, 2 a stretch. Bring it out weekly, i'd be paying for 7 months of Netflixs for certain. And at that point, I might even go permanent.
  3. Rothstein

    Rest of Season 6 to air early next week in the UK

    Doctor Who gets simucast on BBC America though, because the BBC control the world
  4. Rothstein

    Rest of Season 6 to air early next week in the UK

    It's kinda of exciting that the UK will be getting it first after all these years. I'll likely watch the finale next week, so I get involved in discussion without spoilers, but save episodes 23 & 24 so I don't waste it all too quickly!
  5. Rothstein

    Will the movie underperform?

    Marketing will help it. If Hasbro push it well enough throughout 2017. Tons of trailers in cinema during the 2017 summer season. Should keep it going solid.
  6. Rothstein

    Will the next season be moved to Netflix?

    To be honest, we don't usually get proper confirmation of the next season until the current one has ended. So there's nothing really to speculate about at this stage. I doubt it'll purely go to Netflixs. Surely there's more money in showing in a channel and then putting it on Netflixs later. Currently they get all ad revenue from showing it on Discovery Kids and then Netflixs fees. If they only went with Netflixs, they'd be getting less money, unless this prompted more people to get Netflix accounts. Which I doubt unless Netflix is able to get the show simucast. Living in the UK, if the show was officially available on Netflixs in the UK at the same time as it is in the US, i'd hands down get a Netflixs subscription. As for it going to another channel all together. No idea to be honest. Discovery Kids pretty much relies on it.
  7. It sometimes feels a little odd. We go from her being a major part of the cast in an episode, to her vanishing. I always thought it'd be nice to have her at least in all scenes where all the mane 6 are together. Though, thinking about it, it's cheaper to just imply, as what's the point paying her VA to say a couple of lines that don't add anything to an episode just to make her feel more part of the group.
  8. Rothstein

    What are your thoughts on Starlight Glimmer and Trixie

    It was a great story idea to have the friendship issue of a friend being friends with someone you dislike. Good challenge for Twilight.
  9. Rothstein

    S6 - Episode 19 - Discussion

    That's not what a Mary Sue is. A Mary Sue ruins story by avoiding obstacles by contrived uninteresting, often story breaking, means.
  10. Rothstein

    S6 - Episode 19 - Discussion

    Learn what a Mary Sue is.
  11. Rothstein

    Should the series end here?

    Hey look it's this topic again Hello 2011
  12. Rothstein

    Thoughts on Spike's Love of Rarity?

    Spike looks like a cartoon Dragon
  13. That would be a really interesting concept. I say either: a one off special episode a standard episode of the current season but with flashbacks and such six full or special length episodes, one for each of the mane 6. You'd get to see so much! Twilight being totally un-friendship in Canterlot. Maybe even getting to see her family and tons of interaction with Celestia. Pinkie Pie starting work at the Cakes maybe? Rainbow Dash... doing Rainbow Dash things.. Actually it might be a little boring with many of the Mane6. Might be a few things they can do I guess. But it'd just be standard sort of stuff. It's not like Twilight changed them all drastically beyond going off on adventures. And since we see them all in Slice of Life 22 episodes out of 26, before Twilight will be pretty samey. No wait, We'd get to see Rarity opening her first store, that'd be pretty awesome.
  14. Rothstein

    Why saddles?

    Well this sort of question always beckons back to the old theory used in some Lyra fan fiction. That there's some conspiracy going on that not many ponies notice. That their world wasn't designed by them and many objects and tools were clearly invented by some race overseeing them. Like, watching them on TV. It's us, humans made them. It's the Truman show.
  15. Rothstein

    Why saddles?

    Why do men have nipples