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  1. I am saying just have the fantastical elements come from their world. I am not asking for realistic levels of sci-fi either, I am talking about like TMNT/Digimon/Mega Man or even Hasbro's own Transformers. Still very fantastical and silly in design. I am not even saying that I want a generic or serious high school series now. I am saying our heroes would face off against entities from their own world that aren't powered by magic, but they would not be anything realistic. Like I am talking about something like a cyborg who goes back in time to ensure its own existence by making sure that Sunset Shimmer takes a programming class.
  2. Why would it not work for a film? For a TV series wouldn't the faster pacing kill the tension if they didn't have these plots for two-parters?
  3. I really don't know why the directors need to keep this relationship so open-ended, even when the comics have already told us that Twilight helped raise him they won't actually directly confirm how he is involved with Twilight's family. They just make it worse by making it seem like Cadance and Shining Armor have a close relationship with him/a long history with him. I don't know many fans who don't want Spike to be considered part of Twilight's family, so I don't know why the writers don't clearly define their relationship. It feels like it is there so the writers don't have to commit to a certain characterization.
  4. _Slashy_

    Thoughts on Spike.

    Best character in the show.
  5. How is throwing in science fantasy elements turning it away from being an urban fantasy?
  6. _Slashy_

    Lack on interest on the rest of season 6

    Fluttershy's only solo outing has been great as well, and I would say Rarity has been handled well, but if we are talking about character development then yeah she hasn't really learned anything new this season.
  7. Why not? It still follows the formula of teenager activity hijacked by fantastical forces.
  8. You guys should really read the OP post as well.
  9. I mean could not our heroes face off against something crazy from their world? I mean maybe something like an advanced AI trapping Rainbow Dash in a virtual world in an effort to improve her test scores or our heroes needing to use their magic to win a sporting event against a team of superhuman science experiments or an alien princess challenging the students of CHS to prove their love for Flash Sentry with a community service event. The world has potential for wacky stuff, if it just leans more towards science fiction it can have the same plot rather that telling us that magic is great even though it always causes problems. Yes, I'm rehashing topics from MLP forums.