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  1. brand42

    Guardians of Harmony figure impressions

    Great news regarding the Twilight/Changeling set! Originally, Twi's teeth weren't painted and just left purple but now it seems Hasbro has released a variation with white painted teeth. I saw these at my local Walmart the other day, bought one and got them to price match Amazon's $8.99.
  2. brand42

    Funko Hopes

    Interestingly, Hasbro Toy Shop sells the Funko vinyls along with mystery minis now. As of time of posting, they have Derpy/Muffins, Dr. Whooves, Lyra, Octavia, Great and Powerful Trixie, Daring Do, Shining Armor, Spike and Maud. By the way, there is another mystery mini series slated for the future and it's supposedly Power Pony themed