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  1. I was in the furry fandom for like 6-7 years I think, since after I finished high-school until two years ago when I discovered FiM, and after I'd watched the first 4 seasons in 1 week, I started looking for more until I found EqD, and after being for a while only reading news and comments, I started participating more actively (and being even more obsessed with ponies xD). And for my likes, they haven't changed between before and after. Though now I hardly ever play PC games, but mostly because I don't have too much free time between working and studying. So now I spend less money in computer hardware and more in MLP comics and books, and soon probably toys and plushies too . I've never been such a fan of a TV show before, though I liked The Simpsons and Family Guy (before they became trash), Friends (all of them), The Big Bang Theory (though is not that good now), and I love Star Wars and Back to the Future movies!
  2. ScientistDog

    This topic is about Starlight Glimmer.

    She is the best pony!. She was great as a villain in Season 5, even greater after her reformation in Season 6, and she is the greatest now after her redemption in the season 6 finale. I can't wait for more Starlight in Season 7.
  3. ScientistDog

    That subtle reference you might have missed...

    Last episode when Pinkie song "It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake", from LazyTown. And even the pink matches xD
  4. ScientistDog

    What are your thoughts on Starlight Glimmer and Trixie

    Sombra was reformed in the comics. And if you don't take the comics as canon, he is dead. They already said they greenlighted his arc in the comics since they didn't have anymore plans for him. I love Starlight, and I want to see more about here (I'm really hyped about next week episode). I didn't like too much Trixie before, but that changed after No Second Prances! (and after re-watching her old episodes too) I thought she would join the Mane 6 after Season 5, but now that I saw how they treated her, I think she will get her own Mane 6 and a spin-off (maybe "Season 7" is that spin-off, and that's the reason the hadn't announced yet). I like that group, except for Sunset Shimmer, she is not canon to the show. I'll put in her place Big Mac (she already know her, though not in the best way xD), so they will be 3 mares and 3 stallions, that would be great for a more gender-neutral look as they pretend to do with the MLP trademark. Maybe we will see more hints in next week episode PS: Oh, I forgot Spike. I prefer him as strong support character the same way he was for Twilight, not a member of the Mane 6.
  5. ScientistDog

    The Mysteriously There-and-Gone Starlight Glimmer

    Very good point! Also, Spike states during The Times are a Changeling, that Starlight and Twilight spend a lot of time in the castle studying (and that explains why we haven't seen that much of Twilight neither). But, even considering Starlight as Twilight's student (and no as Mane7), learning about friendship and forming her own group of friend, I still think she doesn't have enough episodes focus on her (neither Twilight with her role as teacher). There were lots of episodes, that even if they were good, they are just filling, they had nothing to to with the Season 6 arc, they are more Season 5 (like the map episodes), or even Pre-Season 5/4 (like 28 Pranks later or the Cart Before the Ponies).
  6. ScientistDog

    Equestria Daily has Competition! ;)

    Fallout: Zootopia Wow, really? It's already in chapter 26, is Fallout: Equestria all over again xD. I know Zootopia was a big thing for the furry fandom, and attracted lots of non-furries too, but I didn't imagine it has such amount of fanfics, art, and other stuffs.
  7. Thanks! The standard ones were already smaller than I though, so I'll better stick to them. I only bought the 4-issues trade paperbacks. Those have the same quality?
  8. ScientistDog

    Gamer tags

    Steam: ScientistDog Feel free to add me! I don't play multiplayer games too much since my internet sucks and I don't have enough free time lately, but I like to chat and play some coop games. Please be sure that I can see your profile at least after I accept your request.
  9. ScientistDog

    Will the next season be moved to Netflix?

    I don't think put it in Netflix as exclusive is a very good idea, specially since Netflix catalog is very limited in other countries, and the amount of countries in which is available is limited too. But they should put every episode there 24 hours later than it airs on TV like they do with iTunes and Google. And it's possible for Netflix to do that: But anyway I think they will have to change the channel, and maybe that's the reason they haven't announced it yet. Another reason could be a big Status Quo change in the finale, so they don't want to ruin the surprise (especially is the season in works is not exactly "FiM Season 7") Same here in Argentina. And it's not easy or free by-passing it with VPNs anymore.
  10. ScientistDog

    The Mysteriously There-and-Gone Starlight Glimmer

    It also bothers me. I thought first this season was going to be about her. Well, the season premiere and finale plus a few key episodes are about here. I know all the seasons are like that (every ark includes only the two parters plus a few key episodes, and the rest is filling) but in the rest of the episodes she doesn't even exist. But Jim Miller said now she is a recurring character, not main cast (now, he didn't wanted to answer that after Season 5 finale). Maybe she will fully join the main cast the next season (if there is one). Yeah, I think the same. Lots of episodes from this season feels like there were scraped from older seasons (in the writer meetings), and that also explains why some characters behave immaturely in those episodes. It could be both possibilities. But if they make her move away, I'll be 100% sure that it'll be because there isn't any season 7, and they want to tie the season 6 finale with the movie (in which Starlight isn't present). If there is a season 7, make her move away would be just plains stupid, why inluded her and then throw away all the work and make the Status Quo go back to season 5? In any case, she will be even more important in Season 7, joining the main characters, or becoming a mane character in her own spin-off (well, in that case, she can move away, but to turn the focus on her). Well, but it was stated in some episodes that they spend a lot of time studying together. And the Mane4 from Our Town said they will keep living there, since it was their home since them. And they were there when she went to apology. I've just finished reading the book, it was nice <SPOILER>the problems they have studying together and being roommates</SPOILER>, though it's a shame they hadn't done something similar in the show. But the episode 20 <SPOILER>Every Little Thing She Does, it's about Starlight studying friendship lessons with Twilight, so we will see more character development there</SPOILER>. And there were a few references to her and Starlight studying together (like in The Times They are Changeling). But yeah, I was kind of disappointed with this season, even if it has amazing episodes, there was a lot of filling that they could have replaced with more Starlight and Twilight.
  11. They are smaller, right? What about quality paper and colors? I'm collecting the main series in trade paperbacks (4 issues volumes), but as I don't care as much as the Friends Forever issues, maybe I'll buy this version which is cheaper.
  12. Here Amy Keating Roger (the writer of that book and former show writer) explains and expands it a little more:
  13. ScientistDog

    That subtle reference you might have missed...

    In Flutter Brutter, the whole scene when he went to live to the forest was a reference to Cast Away, with him failing to setting a fire, and the mannequin head referenced Wilson (with the name and the hoof print). A video reference would be easier, but they took away almost all the content from the movie in Youtube.
  14. A Season Zero? That's a very interesting idea, specially considering that there is no official announcement of Season 7 yet, and the Season 6 finale sounds like the connection between the show and the movie. It would be like a single season "spin-off", taking stories that would expand the lore about Equestria. But in that case, I don't like the idea of only one year before Season 1, I'd like to see Equestria's origin, something about Alicorns' land, Starswirl with Celestia and Luna, the story of the element of harmony, Luna Banishment, Discord reign and defeat, Sombra backstory and attack over the Crystal Empire, backstory of Chrysalis, etc. I know some of them were kind of covered by the comics or some short flashbacks in the show, but I'd like to see an expanded and better quality version of them. PS: And between the options, I think 13 episodes would be enough (especially because 26 single episodes between Season 6 and the Movie with the proper hiatus would be too much to fit). In case of 26, make them all of them two parters!