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  1. Itcheeee

    Favourite Sonic Games?

    Sonic being my favorite series I love all of them pre-Colors. But my top 10: 1. Sonic R 2. Sonic Adventure (DX Director's cut) 3. Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) 4. Sonic Battle 5. Shadow The Hedgehog 6. Sonic 1 Gamegear and Master system versions. (Completely different game then the Genesis game) 7. Sonic 3D Blast (PC, Saturn. Remake of the Genesis version) 8. Sonic Chronicle's 9. Sonic The Hedgehog (06, xbox preferred) 10. Sonic CD A few honorable mentions: Sonic Drift 1 & 2, Sonic the Fighters, Sonic Advance 1, 2 and 3, Sonic Chaos, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Tails Adventure and Sonic Unleashed.
  2. Itcheeee

    Who is your favorite Dazzling?

    Sonata is my favorite, but Aria is a close second. :3
  3. Itcheeee

    Do you like Sunset Shimmer?

    Yes. Sunset is one of my favorite ponies/humans. I think besides Luna, Twilight and AJ, she would be my favorite. Her character has been developed the best in my opinion out of any EG character. Her friendship fits so well with Starlight. I'd watch a show of just them and Trixie. Reformed friendship (is magic) xD
  4. Itcheeee

    Sunset And Videogames

    Another reason Sunset is awesome. Looks like she's playing Super Smaah Bros Ultimate to be honest
  5. I used to be a regular member, then life stuff happened. Glad to be back. For anyone who doesn't remember me I'll give sort of an introduction. Since season 1 aired I browsed the fanart, merch and news about the show. By the time season 4 hit I went for it and binged every season. Best decision ever. Not long after I started collecting merch, mainly of my favorite ponies. I was lucky enough to get the chance to attend Everfree Northwest twice. 1 day the first year, all 3 the next. I love all official pony content, the comics, books, ect. I'm a pony cosplayer and (beginner) artist. I'm also a gamer, mostly things like Sonic (my main passion), Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon and Borderlands. Bit of a mixed bag. This new year I wanted to get back into being here and on EQD itself. It's like home to me and I hope to see some old friends here, and make some new ones. I'm sorry I disappeared for so long, a lot happened, for the better. Back now to stay
  6. Itcheeee

    Guardians of Harmony Figure Ideas!

    I would love for any of those to actually be made. I really want a King Sombra, both a regular figure and a statue series myself.
  7. Itcheeee

    What's the first episode you watched?

    I started watching shortly after S4 was available on Netflix, so I started from the 1st episode and watched all 4 seasons then. I knew it got better over the seasons before I started watching it, but I wouldn't recommend for everyone to start from season 1.Different episodes work for different people to keep an interest in the show.I know the opening 2-parter doesn't always make the best impression..
  8. I didn't mind the cute yet brief transformation at all either, I totally agree with you there
  9. Itcheeee

    Bring Back Minty to MLP

    With all the G4 merchandise she has gotten, it would be nice even if it was just for one episode or as a background pony.
  10. Itcheeee

    Is there going to be an IDW Christmas special this year?

    Oh I totally get what you mean, but they were trying to sell the minis and some redbubble tshirts besides the comics on a display actually. I should of specified that lol Anything pony sells well there, and they have a huge wall of pony stuff. It would be totally out of place for them to sell the regular dolls, but pretty funny if they did!
  11. Itcheeee

    Should I get the Danganronpa series? (help I guess)

    Oh I meant the first anime by "the original", since there are animes based on the later games out now. I know the game came first, no worries
  12. Itcheeee

    IDW MLP Comic Release Date Tracking Thread

    Thank you for making this, I will definitely be referencing it instead of trying to remember. I'm sure this will help quite a few comic readers here.
  13. Itcheeee

    Should I get the Danganronpa series? (help I guess)

    I started the first game after watching the anime, and I highly recommend playing the game first before watching the original. It goes through the game super fast and will spoil major things within just an episode or two. Or if you don't care about that much, go ahead and watch the anime. I can say everything in the game is much more developed, including the characters. So if you like a certain character, you'll get to learn a ton more about every one in the actual game. I could give the games a 9 out of 10 100% seriously, they are weird but awesome titles.
  14. Itcheeee

    Pony items removed from Xbox Live

    This happened to the PSN ones I can confirm. Glad I already bought the AJ avatar/icon I wanted way back. Was hoping to get a few more to change them every now and then.
  15. Itcheeee

    Pokemon Thread

    Just under two days until Sun/Moon launch. I pre-ordered Sun at Gamestop, I could of gotten Moon but I bought the starter plushies instead. I'll get Moon later on. Which version is everyone getting, or both?