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  1. Flitter

    Any good songs from previous generations?

    Who's a silly pony? ...Applejack also, Nothing says Christmas like a pair of socks
  2. Flitter

    Blind Bag / Mini Ponies!

    I was collecting them but currently selling them to focus only on the brushables. Nevertheless, here is a picture of them all in a pile before I started selling (195 of them here) Mini ponies by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr and a few fav pics I took over the past years Untitled by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr Queen Chrysalis & Princess Celestia by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr Thunderlane & "Muffin" by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr Mosely Orange by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr Untitled by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr Helia by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr
  3. Flitter

    The Brushable Thread!

    Thanks, Itcheeee. I kept my first ponies mib for all of 4 days before I couldn't stand it and freed them. XD I got some new additions last week Untitled by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr
  4. Flitter

    Funko Hopes

    I wish the earlier accurate color mystery minis would get a re-release. I think the funko figures are great and used to collect the full size vinyls. I gave them up due to space issues when I moved but would love to re-collect some of my favorites at least in mystery mini form. The earlier color ones seem near impossible to obtain. I don't think Rarity or AJ even got a show accurate release in mini form either, so I'd love to see those. ajnrules, I agree that Sunset and Starlight would be really good ones to be made. Those are probably the 2 I'd like to see most.
  5. Flitter

    The Brushable Thread!

    Shining Armor is the only one, sadly. (Unless you count Fashion Style Soarin, but I kinda don't because they used the same mold as the girls for him.) I really wish there were more brushable boys. It's very sad they haven't at least made Big Mac yet.
  6. Flitter

    The Brushable Thread!

    They are nail polish racks. I got them on Amazon.
  7. Flitter

    Top 5 Personal Episodes

    Top 5 (I'm not sure if exactly in this order or not. It is difficult to choose just 5!) Hurricane Fluttershy Sisterhooves Social Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? Bloom and Gloom A Canterlot Wedding
  8. Flitter

    The Brushable Thread!

    They're the only type of pony I'm collecting anymore. Favorite: prototype Minty, followed by Starlight Glimmer & Sunset Shimmer. First: the mane 6, who I bought all at once. Most recent: I've got 5 in the mail, Coloratura, Pretzel, Sapphire Joy, Meadow Flower & Sea Swirl. Here is my current herd: Pony collection by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr More brushable pics can be seen in my Pony Collection album on flickr.