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  1. AniRichie

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

  2. AniRichie

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    Star Wars. Always! <3
  3. AniRichie


    Pfft, I wish! Though I'm glad to have the name of such a strong and great character. Freaking LOVE Power Rangers!
  4. AniRichie

    Do you like Sunset Shimmer?

    BEST. PONY! I love how far she's developed and grew! Awesome character! Made my #1 fav character for sure.
  5. AniRichie


    Hey there I'm Trini. I was browsing Twitter and saw that EQD has forums. I clicked a link and viola, here I am! What's up? I draw stuff if you didn't know already!
  6. I WANT to go to an out of state Pony Con! People keep asking me and it breaks my heart that I'm broke af and I can't do anything about it. :\ But I definitely want to do it.
  7. AniRichie

    Show me your OC!

    Penny (Ponysona)
  8. AniRichie

    What kind of Pony stuff do you do?

    I draw comics and do commissions! :D I react to episodes and sometimes do comic dubs! I organize meetups in my local area!
  9. AniRichie

    Why did you join the fandom?

    I made a deal with the devil and here I am paying for it! Summer 2011 Friends were showing off icons and memes and I saw it everywhere so I took a week to watch season 1 and lo and behold I was hooked and never looked back since. I also got involved with meetups in my area and made a ton of friends, including my close besties now.