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  1. And no minigames, save whack-an-apple
  2. That's what the statue ponies are for I want to customize all four socks independently. I look weird with two white legs.
  3. Mars Orbit

    Giant Spotlight Music Youtube Playlist

    I haven't been downloading videos, just adding them to the playlist. Even if I wanted to I don't think I have the hard drive space for all that. A quick YouTube search for both of those artists turned up a bunch of videos. Looks like re-ups.
  4. I like all of the random language speakers personally. Having a barely-fluent conversation with some Spanish speakers right now
  5. Eventually I'd like to see it become an actual town with buildings with interiors and stuff. Restaurants, houses, an inn or two, nooks and crannies to hide in--oldschool RPG stuff, but without monsters, quests, levels, gear, or story. More species besides ponies would be fun too.
  6. I want to be horse famous without actually doing anything.
  7. Mostly high quality fan-made auditory entertainment about cartoon ponies, conveniently collected for your enjoyment. If anyone has other playlist ideas, I'm open to suggestions.