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  1. baltoist

    BronyCon Location?

    Oh you say that as if they don't have special precautions for the 2021 event. Do I find it slightly annoying? Yes. But it beats completely canceling the con all together.
  2. baltoist

    BronyCon Location?

    Of course nowadays we'll be lucky if pony cons stop being wuss about covid. Like seriously: Harmonycon 2021: was gonna be in February......but canceled Anime Crossroads 2021: was gonna be in February.....and still is Care to guess which i have more respect for atm?
  3. baltoist

    1, 2, 3, Boop!!

  4. baltoist

    Hello Friends!

  5. baltoist

    Hello, Everypony!

  6. baltoist

    How was your 2019?

    2019 was both super depressing and super exciting. but now that people let the gov scare them into think we need to stay away from each other this year has sucked. At least i get to go to a Colts game today. People need to wake up and see that the world is still just as safe as it was last year. Fuck Social Distancing and Fuck masks.
  7. baltoist

    Most-Annoying Characters

    Zepher Breeze and Mudbriar
  8. I don't believe we spoke yet. Im Eda, by the way. Heyo to you.:happybonbon:

  9. Stupid sports leagues stopping play in protest -_-

  10. I has fever again :/

  11. Can something PLEASE be done about spam bots?

    1. Leonbrony17


      I'm trying. :angrytwi:

  12. Can't believe we are STILL closing and cancelling stuff just cuz of a virus..... 

  13. baltoist

    Pony Life Episode 1: Princess Probz

    Honestly idk if i can really get into this. It's not the worst thing i've seen but it's still not good
  14. baltoist

    Favorite Youtubers.

    Chugga i used to watch alot. He reactions to the Water Wraif from Pikmin 2 were priceless XD