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  1. Was supposed to be at Whinny City today but Illinois gov is stupid :/

  2. One of my Dogs died :/

  3. baltoist

    My Little Pony Tales

    LOL. Wrong gen but ok
  4. Yet another year the US hasn't abolished daylight savings -_-

    1. Antagonist


      Just ask the Powerpuff Girls. -_-

  5. baltoist

    Luigi's Mansion

    The first game was good Dark moon sucked i'm about midway through the 3rd one but so far its ok.
  6. baltoist

    Anyone Else Like The Silver Brumby?

    Now you just need to watch it
  7. So she is ok but while on vacay in the Dominican Republic my coworker stepped on a sea urchin. like i said she is ok and it only took about 15 mins to treat it. Did she dodge a bullet though? anyone know if sea urchins over there are usually deadly?

  8. Happy New Years Eve

  9. I hate Windows

    1. Leonbrony17


      The operating system on computers or the windows you can look through?

    2. baltoist
  10. Ok seriously is there NOTHING than can be done about spam accounts -_-

  11. Whelp my desktop is pretty much dead :/

  12. Good. Discord is down. I can actually use Skype for once.

    1. Leonbrony17




      Why does Discord keep you from using Skype? xD


      Just use both. Or use them seperately.

    2. baltoist


      Because ever since Discord was a thing none of my friends use skype :/

    3. Leonbrony17
  13. baltoist

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    *remembers when Equestria Girls was actually good*