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  1. So she is ok but while on vacay in the Dominican Republic my coworker stepped on a sea urchin. like i said she is ok and it only took about 15 mins to treat it. Did she dodge a bullet though? anyone know if sea urchins over there are usually deadly?

  2. Happy New Years Eve

  3. I hate Windows

    1. Leonbrony17


      The operating system on computers or the windows you can look through?

    2. baltoist
  4. Ok seriously is there NOTHING than can be done about spam accounts -_-

  5. Whelp my desktop is pretty much dead :/

  6. Good. Discord is down. I can actually use Skype for once.

    1. Leonbrony17




      Why does Discord keep you from using Skype? xD


      Just use both. Or use them seperately.

    2. baltoist


      Because ever since Discord was a thing none of my friends use skype :/

    3. Leonbrony17
  7. baltoist

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    *remembers when Equestria Girls was actually good*
  8. baltoist

    Starlight Glimmer fan club :3

    "put it on my tab!"
  9. I never thought there was anything wrong with it to begin with. *sigh* Sonic fans.....
  10. baltoist

    Did you buy anything recently?

    A ton of stuff from Ciderfest
  11. baltoist

    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    I hope there are some shorts about her being the new ruler.
  12. Damn, i knew some people here had their birthdays in November, but i forgot who exactly it was.


    I'm sorry if this comes at a bit of a weird time but...



    Happy birthday afterwards Baltoist. :)



  13. baltoist

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Chaos Pinkie should have been a better villain
  14. baltoist

    Did you buy anything recently?

    Hotel for Ciderfest