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  1. Grey Guard

    Hello everyone this is!

    So that's how, interesting, didn't know such a thing existed. Thanks for answering!
  2. Grey Guard

    Hello everyone this is!

    Um, well my biggest question is: How do you roll a dice on the internet? Meaning, how do you decide the outcome in an event like a fight? Thanks in advance for responding!
  3. Grey Guard

    Hello everyone this is!

    Thanks! And no, I haven't gotten around taming that behemoth of a book; got little time to spare this days unfortunately... But I've read some other FoE fics aside from the main one, like Pink Eyes, Heroes, and even less known ones like Sisters. But PH is definitely on my (already overflowing) read later list.
  4. Grey Guard

    Hello everyone this is!

    Its ok for me if you copy and paste it, I can definitely see how difficult it would be to reply to every single intro thread with a different message every time. But I do have some questions regarding role playing in forums; would sending a PM be a good way to ask/contact you?
  5. Hello there! I am Grey Guard, an 'Equinologist' and writer from Mexico. I consider my self a very tolerant and open guy, which is what allowed me to give MLP a chance in the first place; I am a fan of high fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi, I like the regular show, EQG, and Fallout Equestria, and Twilight Sparkle is best pony (IMO). I've never been a member of a forum before, so this is quite a new experience for me; but anyways, I hope to have to fun here with my fellow bronies and pegasisters, and I wish to anyone reading this a wonderful time! P.S: Dont know what else to add, but feel free to ask me if you really want to know more about me.