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  1. In recovery from the stressful holidays, I've been listening to more music than watching TV all month. So, I haven't seen a single episode of Pony all month. :gah:


    It's ok. I've seen every episode 50 million times. I have to admit it's been refreshing to take a little break. Maybe I'll start watching reruns again next month. And obviously will be tuning in once S7 starts. Whoop whoop!

    1. CookedChicken73


      Music is life. I must have music playing at all times XD :twitwitch:

  2. 15356712_10211674498476848_4103809871568


    First attempt at doing Dublyn with one of the Mane 6.

  3. Dublyn Tea


    I can respect that. I guess I just have a bit of a hang up with "drama queens" after my mother all but ex-communicated me because she insists I was too much of a drama queen. I don't think I was ever that bad, but it cut deep. I've tried to avoid drama ever since and other people's drama can be annoying to no end.
  4. Dublyn Tea

    Which traits of the Mane Six do you have?

    I tend to overthink everything, I also prefer to be very organized I can be really goofy, and I like hugs I'm also a bit shy and sensitive, adore animals, and have super long hair I love a good adrenaline rush, and can go crazy over certain fandoms I have a cat, like fashion and tea, and sleep with an eye mask Family is a big deal to me, and I'm also a country girl
  5. I'd love that, as I adore and respect all her work. But yeah, not likely to happen. She's still kind of burned out after all the hassle, and she's a mommy now and hoping on either taking a few years off or working part time from home so she can care for her daughter.
  6. I was a Fostard; a super fan of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Still am, though the fandom is all but dead since Cartoon Network quit airing reruns. Is it still airing on Boomerang even? Sadly for me, I don't have Boomerang. I only know it's on Hulu+ right now. I had imaginary friends growing up, and this show was so filled with whimsy and nostalgia for me. My word I loved this show. And for those who don't know, Foster's is the brain child of Craig McCracken, who also created Power Puff Girls. Craig's married to...... Lauren Faust! She did a lot of writing and other work on Foster's. It was because I was such a huge fan of them that I first learned Ponies were coming.
  7. Dublyn Tea

    How much are you like/How did you create your OC?

    Some wonderful OCs here! I for one love seeing OCs. Their various designs and color themes. Some people have come up with really beautiful characters. As for mine, Dublyn Tea, she's me as a pony. I have Irish origins. I have long light/medium brown hair with some red highlights. I love tea. I had freckles on my nose when I was younger. I look great in green. We both also love nature and animals, and prefer country or small town life so she lives on the outskirts of Ponyville rather than in one of the bigger cities. She may have stereotypical starts; GeneralZoi's pony generator over at dA. It was while playing this game at HubWorld though that I finally decided I was going to stick to this design permanently (aside from the freckles; I don't think they were an option in the game), and decided on a name.
  8. Dublyn Tea

    What is your favorite Animated Christmas Special?

    It's always been Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, hands down. Though I also love A Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, The Grinch that Stole Christmas, and as Error stared above, definitely all of the classic Disney shorts.
  9. Dublyn Tea

    What are you going as for Halloween?

    I'm just a wee but late, but I was going to go as an American Civil War era/1860s lady, complete with hoop skirt, corset, button boots, and snood. But the only local friend of mine who arranges any type of get together or party for such an occasion spaced this year and never finalized an event so it never happened. I didn't have anything else planned, so I never dressed up, or really did anything for the holiday aside from dressing my cat Melody up and enjoying Halloween specials on TV. Sometimes I'll just dress up for myself and walk around my apartment all day in costume, but I didn't even do that this year.
  10. Dublyn Tea


    I love the holiday season, starting with Halloween! After my birthday in August is over, every year since childhood I could just feel the excitement building. It plateaus at Thanksgiving, remains in climax through the Christmas season, and then plummets until New Years, where it's dead again. And then post-holiday depression settles in. As for the music, I've always loved it though there are a handful of songs I wouldn't mind EVER hearing again because they've been way too overplayed the last decade or so. It's been changing the last few years of working in a boarding kennel though, as Thanksgiving and Christmas are our busiest times of year, and we have blackout periods for vacation time. I have no family living 100 miles of me, so unless I get another job, I'm doomed to spend them alone or be a charity case for my local friends for the foreseeable future. And at work... nnnnnnggggggg, don't get me started. We're always way understaffed for the volume we get, the poor animals are grossly neglected; cold, lonely, dirty, depressed, bored, sometimes they get sick. The facility gets super dirty, seriously gross and smelly, and disorganized because cleaning falls to the bottom of the priority list due to lack of personnel and time. Those with the power to make a difference care more about the money, power, and policies than the animals, and those of us who do care heaps for the animals are left completely powerless because we just don't have enough time or help to care for the animals efficiently. It breaks my heart every year, and has taken a toll on how I perceive the holidays since working there. Not saying all boarding kennels are this bad, my company is just corrupt. Just please, PLEASE, if you ever consider boarding your pets during a super busy time like the Christmas season, be really careful where you bring them.
  11. Dublyn Tea

    Is Fluttershy...

    Lol, I'm sorry, but this whole conversation had me in stitches. Fluttershy is my favorite of the Mane 6, and I don't for a minute believe she, or anypony else, is pregnant. Pregnancy suggests sex, and sex outside of marriage will never be covered in such an innocent show meant for little girls. We never even saw Cadance with a baby bump because they didn't want to linger on that subject any longer than The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows. And she's married. Little girls might start asking awkward questions if the show lingered on the subject too long... Which could upset parents.... Sadly, the show's staff have to keep all that in mind. Didn't the show's staff say a while back that they weren't planning on any of the Mane 6 to enter into any serious romantic relationship for similar reasons? I'll accept this is going to be a headcannon now, though it still makes more sense if it were Rarity given it's her picture in the pony gestation answer. Discord could be making that stuffed bunny for Fluttershy herself! She does love stuffed animals! And Fluttershy is his first and closest friend, she's sweet and sensitive, who wouldn't be super protective of her? Or love giving her hugs?
  12. Dublyn Tea


    Ah Miss Rarity... I've always loved her coloring, especially the purple/blue/pink sheen in her hair. No other pony's hair does that. Though superficial, she was immediately one of my favorites for no other reason but because I loved her hair. What can I say, I'm a girl and have a tendency to be a bit of a fashionista myself. I know Lauren Co. was aiming on making her break the trend of "mean girl" just because she likes fashion. But to be honest they could have done a little more to make her less cliche. She's still very vain, and full of drama, always swooning onto chaise lounges and such. Those traits can be as damaging as being a mean girl. I do love her character, though.
  13. Dublyn Tea

    Who will see the movie?

    I'll definitely be seeing it. Not sure if in the theatre or after it's released to digital and/or some streaming service, though. I might not decide until the time comes.
  14. I've been quiet for a while, but I've checked in every day to see what's up. I was unable to see the last few episodes of the season for a  and was trying to avoid spoilers. :P And even after I finally saw them, I guess by then I was in the habit of just checking in without joining any discussions. I'll try to get on that... ;)

    1. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Welcome back at any rate ^^

    2. Dublyn Tea

      Dublyn Tea

      Thank you!  Now wish me luck on surviving the holiday season.

    3. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Aye aye :ameridash:

      Good luck on surviving the holiday season, may you remerge victorious after this endeavour 

  15. Dublyn Tea


    Ahhhh, such a magical name you have. A warm welcome to you StarlightandMoonbeams!