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  1. jeffpiatt

    My Pretty Pony

    My little Wiki has the Toy catalog page for the toy up. box back of the 1981 version. the orignal instruction sheet with replacement blanket template for moms and or kids to replace or customize there pony.
  2. jeffpiatt

    My Little Pony Tales somepony at Hasbro put it back up on the internet for free.
  3. jeffpiatt

    More G3 characters coming back in S7?

    Minty Muffins Cousin. can ponyville withstand both at the same time.
  4. jeffpiatt

    G1 moondancer orniment from Hallmark foe 2017

    and lacks wings or a horn G3 Dash was a Earth Pony. Faust wanted her G4 version to bw a bew version of G1 firefly but hasbro lost the Trademark. so the art was recolored and renamed rainbow dash. G4 was Lauren remaking G1 the way she remembered it. With Tubi Tv reairing the Calssic G1 shows you can see homw much G$ owes to G1 in structure. now if only we could gewt Mr. Cullen back to voice a certain crab.
  5. FIM is kind of a blend between G1 and G1.5 Tales there not perfect ponies but they still smite evil twice a year.
  6. jeffpiatt

    Cinema Promotion Stuff

    Cinemark has pony stuff.
  7. jeffpiatt

    when will Trailer appear in a theatre

    Now the trailer is running as part of the TrailerVision system loop that ScreenVision Media provides through Cinema scene marketing Theaters who run there pre show segment. the video is of the Big display in my local AMC theater's lobby above the service desk and below is the Video poster screen they put in the hallway to the auditoriums. it's the Trailer running with the poster art the larger display has extra art acting like a video billboard .
  8. jeffpiatt

    MLP Movie Trailer

    at my local amc.
  9. now we have a unicorn the dream book is out no G4 ponies but we get Moondancer from G1.
  10. jeffpiatt

    when will Trailer appear in a theatre

    it was the teaser trailer it's part of the Animation trailer playlist at amc currently so if the first green band comes out watch for the emoji movie to have it.
  11. no it's old stock art and may not be the final art as they may do new art or add the sci-twi glasses to the current art.
  12. jeffpiatt

    The Pony Movie!

    I'm hoping they get some large format versions out. Imax and Dolby Cinema. Dolby would be cool as they can produce a video wall to setup the film letting Pinkie pie welcome you to Ponyville.
  13. jeffpiatt

    when will Trailer appear in a theatre

    AMC had it running before the movie "your Name" It's in the current Animation Trailer Playlist there.
  14. Stubs members can set reminders to get there Horse Tickets.
  15. jeffpiatt

    First Teaser Out

    AMC is ready for Pony they tweeted this yesterday,